Harn Museum of Art Frank Eguia

Vase Expositions

Vases made during the Qing Dynasty, these beautiful artworks are made with nephrite and jade. What makes these stand out in real life is the amount of detail there is, no picture, regardless of resolution, will allow the viewer to admire such a magnificent attention to every edge. While the makers might not be remembered, their artistry skills will strike the eyes of many people visiting this museum.

Harn Museum of Art

Although supposedly I'm to choose one wing or area, I believe this would be a crime to the creators of such beautiful building. This entire place, from its doors to the gorgeous artworks, send a strong artistic signal to those who indulge in it. The way the exhibits are so spacious and have room to breathe and stand out by themselves, each individual piece, really shows how much impact the layout of a museum can have on its own artworks. The entire place is simply beautiful.

Simplistic work by Agustin Cardenas

I was merely walking by the Hispanic/Latin section of the museum, hoping I would find some art from my fellow Cubans, when suddenly this very piece caught my attention. From the moment my eyes grazed it I knew that it was Cuban, that it was from my culture. There is something about cultural core values that seems to be seamlessly shared between those from the same motherland. Some beauty that captivates the eyes only of those that can relate. This simplistic piece represents my value of.. simplicity. Although it sounds silly, there is something about us Cubans keeping things simple, of having a goal and working to achieve it without mixing too many things in.

Zen Garden Exhibit

Sharing a good life, what does this really mean? Well, to answer this with words would be rather difficult, as time and space have a lot to do with the occasional happiness, however, there is something magical about this exhibit. In my very own case, I decided to go there with a very significant person, we entered and shortly after, it was very obvious how open this place seemed to be, not physically, but spiritually. It is an embodiment of a good life, one that i decided to share with this person. Just then I realized that a good life is not always about reaching an ultimate goal, but to enjoy and admire every step of the way, to take a quick second and sit back with those you share that common goal with and share what the good life of seeking a good life feels like.


Created By
Frank Eguia


Frank Eguia & Tiffany Liu

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