CHS Students Discuss Their Favorite Quarantine Movie/TV Show By: anjali Kakarla

I like the TV show “Tiny Pretty Things” because it’s entertaining and has lots of cliffhangers. It’s about this girl, Neveah [Kylie Jefferson], who moves to Chicago to go to this dance school she got into. Then this other girl Cassidy falls off a roof and goes into a coma, so everyone is trying to figure out who pushed her/if someone pushed her.

- Leah Eddins

The Netflix series “Outer Banks.” I only started watching it because my family had picked it as a ‘family show’ to watch. But I ended up liking it because it was a teen drama, which I typically enjoy, but it also had an edge of mystery and adventure to it, with every episode leaving you with something you want to find out about. I do think parts of it were a little predictable. But overall, I thought it was a fun show to keep us busy while not having much to do over quarantine.

- Stephanie Hadley

I’ve been watching a few different shows, but one that I started during quarantine is called “Madam Secretary.” It’s a political show about a woman who is the [U.S.] secretary of state. It’s a really interesting show. All of the characters are well developed and the acting is really good. It deals with a lot of real world problems, even though it is a fictional show. I also just really like watching political-type shows. It can get a little intense at some points, but it has become one of my favorite shows.

- Amalia Chappell-Lakin

“Broadchurch,” definitely. I liked it because it always had me wondering what was gonna happen next. The suspension killed me all the time, I was always thinking about what was gonna happen. It focuses on Detective Inspector Alec Hardy [David Tennant] and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller [Olivia Colman]. Throughout the three seasons, they solve three cases: one about a kid in the community that got killed, one about two girls who got killed and another about a rape.

- Marisa Andoni-Savas

I really enjoyed “New Girl.” When the world is so crazy, I need a comforting show. New Girl was funny, light and easy to watch, which made it the perfect show for quarantine. It also helps that it’s hilarious and you can’t stop watching it. “New Girl” focuses on the life of a young girl living in L.A. with three male roommates. Together, they share many funny and awkward situations.

- Lucy Cassell-Kelley

I have liked watching “Free Rein.” It's about a girl who falls in love with a wild horse. [I liked this show] because I like the characters named Zoe Phillips [Jaylen Barron] and her boyfriend named Pin Hawthorne [Freddy Carter]. Zoe is a crazy runaway girl and lives on an island with her mom and her grandpa. She also becomes friends with two other girls named Becky Sidebottom [Kerry Ingram] and Jade Gill [Manpreet Bambra].

- Allison Cowherd

Over quarantine I started watching a show called “Superstore.” I haven't finished it yet, but so far I've enjoyed it because it is funny and has a good plot. The show centers around a group of employees at a major store chain and the adventures they have.

- Sylvie Zawacki


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