Journey Log Nine By Emma johnston

This week we focused on the raids during class. I thought that it was a journey to complete the villain sanctuary. I had to do it over the course of one week. I think I spent about ten hours on it. I had to build two houses and each of the important rooms to scale. I started my villain sanctuary by first looking up the Pink Palace floor plan. Then I took that into account and made a basic outline for how I wanted to start building the Pink Palace. Then I looked at reference photos for how the outside should look. This took the most time as the house was close to 50 blocks high and had a lot of "sq ft". After I finished the pink palace, I started the portal and then I started the black palace. After spending two hours on the black palace it crashed and deleted itself entirely. I had to start completely over. That was really annoying that it deleted itself and I would have to do my entire work again. I was discouraged to start again because it took me two hours to get as far as I did. After I was upset for a few minutes I knew I had to start again. I ended up finishing it and it turned out better than the one I had made before. When I was finished making it, I recording it on quicktime player. Recording the screen was really fun and I enjoyed doing it while planning out what I wanted to do. After recording the screen, I started to edit it. I had edited a video one time before, and I was excited to do it again. I love editing pictures and thought that this was a new challenge that would be really fun. After editing the video itself, I started with the audio. I found some audio clips online and downloaded it on my computer. I thought that the audio was not scary enough to keep as it so I added tracks over each other until it sounded the way I liked. The editing took about two hours. Overall, I thought experience was really fun, and helped me confirm my decision to double major in graphic communications.

Where it all started
The editing process

The completed video


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