Landslides By:Carolyn Chung & Becca Zhou

This is a landslide!
When a landslide occurs, run and hide! You may get crushed by the rocks and soil! Do you know when a landslide occurs, it’s because of erosion! If you are wondering what erosion is, erosion means that lots of water fall on soil and rocks and they break down.

This a small landslide.
This picture shows a small landslide. It is not as harmful as the other landslides shown in this presentation but is still large enough to kill you if you aren't careful. Did you know landslides happen everywhere.
This is a very large landslide!
In this picture, a landslide occurs and it falls in a river. Lots of damage happens and stuff gets buried. When the dirt falls in rivers, it causes damage and the river flows more rapidly. Landslides can occur not only in earth, it can also occur on other planets too, most recently on Mars and Venus. Very big landslides can form rivers/lakes.

How do landslides occur?

What Happens when a landslide occurs

This a rockslide.
This picture shows a rockslide. There are 2 kinds of landslides in the world, one is called rockslides the other one is called mudslides. A rockslide is a avalanche of rock. It is very dangerous because you might get smashed.
This a mudslide
This is the second kind of landslide named mudslide. A mudslide is a large mass of mud created by rain or large amounts of water to create mud then then mud will roll down a hillside like a rockslide.

Pictures of landslides

Created By
Carolyn Chung and Becca Zhou


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