A Mirrorless Manifesto Lightweight, agile, nimble photography

by Sonny of pocketlenses.com


Not long ago, when selecting a camera, you had to choose between portability and performance, between a lightweight camera and one that could craft truly stunning images. A new class, the Mirrorless Camera, has changed all of that. No longer do you have to sacrifice image quality for agility. You can now carry a small, lightweight camera that has the power and capabilities of a DSLR and more.


You can make beautiful, professional quality photos with mirrorless cameras and lightweight, agile photo gear.

Mirrorless Cameras have several advantages:

Small and Lightweight

Mirrorless cameras are small and light. You'll take better pictures when you’re not weighed down with heavy, bulky photo gear. You’ll have more energy and creativity. You’ll feel less weary and annoyed. You’ll feel more optimistic and encouraged instead of pessimistic and discouraged. You’ll be more willing to learn and try new things that will improve your photography.

Mirrorless Cameras

  • Pack Well
  • Attract less unwanted attention

Everything Scales:

  • Smaller Body
  • Smaller Lenses
  • Smaller, Lighter Tripods

Smaller Gear

  • Isn't as intimidating
  • and can get into some areas that larger cameras can't


You can use minimal gear to craft excellent results and make stunning images.

You'll feel less fatigued. Less stressed. More creative. More joyful.


Mirrorless cameras have now evolved into an extremely capable photo system. Mirrorless cameras are as capable, and in certain ways MORE capable than DSLRs or compact “point and shoot” cameras. Mirrorless cameras enjoy many unique advantages ...

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Advantage: Almost as small as compact cameras, yet performs like a DSLR

Mirrorless Cameras have large size sensors: better than compact cameras, and the same as DSLRs

They have Electronic Viewfinders (EVF) better than DSLRs and better than compact cameras

EVFs have several ADVANTAGES ...

  • Focus Peaking
  • Zoom to Focus
  • See your exposure BEFORE you take the shot
  • See through a dark ND filter
  • See in dim light
  • Point towards the sun without frying your retina
  • See LOTS of info on your display (histogram, level, etc.)
  • See the film emulation live (i.e. Black and White)

Electronic Shutters are SILENT and can achieve SUPER high shutter speeds

A SUPER High Speed Shutter allows you to get shallow Depth of Field on bright days (better than DSLRs and Compact Cameras)

Some mirrorless cameras use a leaf shutter which will allow a fast sync speed for use with a speedlight flash

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A Mirrorless Camera can be upgraded like a Smartphone. An OS (Operating System) upgrade can give the camera brand new features that it didn't have when it left the factory (unlike DSLRs). This significantly extends the life of a Mirrorless Camera.

Because of the way it's designed, you can get adapters for a Mirrorless Camera that will allow you to use MANY other brand, legacy lenses.


I LOVE using mirrorless cameras and lightweight gear to create gorgeous images. I love creating more with less. Because it’s so lightweight, I take and create more beautiful photos because I have my camera with me more often. Because it’s compact and nimble, I can SPEND my energy on creativity instead of carrying gear around.

I HATE carrying around heavy, bulky camera gear. Heavy gear sucks my energy, my creativity, my inspiration, my optimism, my willingness to learn and try new things. It just sucks. Heavy gear discourages me. I learn less. I shoot less.

I get a genuine sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT when I create stunning images with my lightweight gear. I love to travel light and not tire myself lugging around heavy gear. I feel refreshed and ready to keep on shooting while I see others around me giving up and putting away their cameras because they’re weary and drained.

I use mirrorless camera gear in my professional photography work and make beautiful images that my clients absolutely love.


At Pocket Lenses, I’ve created a bunch of photo resources to help you learn how to get the best use out of your mirrorless camera and lightweight photo gear. On the website you can watch video tutorials, read instructional articles or listen to the podcast that will help you get comfortable with your camera and create beautiful photos.

If you’d like to make great pictures with your mirrorless camera, take the next step! Learn how to use your mirrorless camera and lightweight gear. You won’t feel tired and weighed down. You’ll be delighted with your results.

Learn how to get the most out of your mirrorless camera and lightweight photo gear at Pocket Lenses.

Created By
Sonny Portacio


Sonny Portacio: http://pocketlenses.com

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