The United States Military The 5 Branches

The United States military has a long and proud history. There are many different branches of the military. In order to become a soldier, it takes a long time and much dedication.

The Purposes of The United States Military

The United States has a very strong, and dedicated military. The military is there to protect and serve the country. There are five main branches of the U.S. Military. They are Army, Navy, Marines,Coast Guard, and Air Force. The Coast Guard is the smallest of all the branches they also patrol the borders and coastlines and help in ocean rescues.The Air Force protects the air with fighter planes, bombers and jets. The Army is the main ground force and the largest branch. The Army's job is to fight and protect on land. The Navy fights and protects the oceans and seas with battleships and submarines. The last branch of the U.S. military is the Marine Corps. The Marines are usually the first into combat, and are often called soldiers of the sea. The United States military is powerful and protects all citizens.

Types of Military Tanks

The US Military uses many tanks during war time. The Battle tanks that the u.s military uses is a Leopard 2A7. This tank has updated electronics and the most important thing of all is Better accuracy for longer ranges of fire. And it is Able to go through any terrain. The next tank is called the Black panther one of the worlds best tank. one of its features is a fire Control system it is one of the most featured MBT'S

Joining the Military

There are 6 Steps to join the military. the first step to join the military is brushing up on Military missions . The next step is what you should ask the recruiter. the 3 step is to do the ASVAB Test explain the 4 is to k know what you are committing to . the 5 step is to train for the Military Mindset . These are the steps to join the military

Therefore, the United States military plays an important part in keeping our country safe. Each branch is dedicated to protecting not only our country, but the world.

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