Puerto Rico San Juan

By Tanner Justesen

The traditional clothes of Puerto Rican men include a guayabera shirt, also known as the mexican wedding shirt. This is a loose fitting, long sleve, button up shirt with several front pockets. This shirt was used on sugar cane farms, so the men would not scrached by the sharp cane leaves. The tipical clothing for men is the same as the United States. Puerto Rico is very americanized.

The traditional clothes of Puerto Rican women include a dress called Trajes de faraleas. It was required that native women wear this spanish dress when the Christian religion was introduced in the 15th century. The current clothing is the same as the United States.

The weather in Puerto Rico is very warm . They get a lot of rain, about 170 inches every year. Temperatures range from about 70-80 degrees fahrenheit year round. In the united states we have four seasons, and the temperature goes from very cold to very hot. In Puerto Rico temperatures are about the same year round, but they do have a monsoon season from about April to November.

The three red stripes represent the blood from the brave warriors. The two white stripes represent the victory and peace that they would have after gaining independence. The white star represented the island of Puerto Rico. The blue represents the sky and blue coastal waters. Wikipedia

This is a common dish called asopao. It is very similar to a gumbo. It is a rice soup that can be made with a variety of different ingedients to make a variety of tasetes, and textures. In Puerto Rico this dish is usually served with chicken or shelfish. Native people eat this often because it is a fairly low cost, and it is very flavorful.

Puerto Rico's population in 2016 was 3,411,307. The ethnicity is mainly white people. Puerto Rico is 76% white, 7% black, and 17% other.

Puerto Rico is a Unied States territory, so the people use United States currency. In Puerto Rico the native people refer their money as peso, or dolar. The economy is classified as a high income by the World Bank, so I would say it is doing pretty well, though the unemployment rate is 12.2% in Puerto Rico where as the Unites States' is about 5%.

Top left Donad Trump, top right Mike Pence

Puerto Rico is a United States territiory, what that means is Puerto Rico is under the juisdiction of the United States, but is not yet admitted to the full rights of a state. The President is Donald Trump, and the vice is Mike Pence. The government works just like a US state would, to make laws, and to enforce them. The governor is Ricky Rossell.

Puerto Rico has a very interesting history and heritage. Christopher Columbus arrived in Puerto Rico 1493. He called the island San Juan Bautista, but soon gold was found in the rivers and the name was changed to Puerto Rico (rich port). Puerto Rico has been a Spanish outpost ever since. Many countries tried to take over the island, but it wasn't untill the Spanish American war that the US took over Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippins, became a US territory in 1898 when Spain signed the Treaty of Paris.

The native language in Puerto Rico is about 95% Spanish, and about 5% English. One of the slang terms that is used a lot is a fuego, it literally means "on fire" the people use it to say that some thing is "cool" or "good".

In Puerto Rico 85% of the people are Roman Catholic, 8% are Protestants, and 7% are either non-religious or other religion.

The three biggest cities in Puerto Rico are San Juan, Bayamón, and Carolina.


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