Social Avatars in Augmented Reality AR and MR avatars of characters, celebrities, and more for Snapchat and Facebook

Human avatars for Snapchat

FLARB handles every step of the avatar creation process. For human subjects, FLARB begins with a custom 3D scan. A team of artists works to create a Snapchat-ready 3D avatar. Then the animators get to work, creating custom animations based on your specifications. Finally, FLARB's programming team puts it all together.

Character avatars for Snapchat

FLARB can take your character and turn it into a Snapchat filter. FLARB's in-house team of artists starts by optimizing your assets. After that, FLARB animators create animations that fit your character. From there, FLARB's programming team works its magic, making your character Snapchat-ready.

Ready to get started? Contact FLARB today.

323-863-5272 / ralph@flarb.com

Ralph Barbagallo, Founder, FLARB LLC

FLARB is an award-winning augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality development studio. FLARB handles all aspects of development in-house in Los Angeles, California, including art (2D and 3D), animation, programming, application design, and development.

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