Johnny Killed Bob Sheldon Author: Joshua Schwarzschild

Johnny Killing Bob Sheldon

Johnny Cade

Johnny and Ponyboy were in the park at night. But then they saw a blue mustang driving around the park. They knew who it was, it was the socs and they knew what was about to go down. So they tried to hide so they don't be seen by the socs. But they already have been seen and they were getting stuff to arm themselves to protect themselves. But they saw bob and Randy and then johnny grabbed his switch blade. Then they were trying to protect themselves and then johnny saw bob drowning ponyboy so johnny had to protect him so he stabs bob. After the other socs saw the stabbing they ran off and then johnny and ponyboy ran off to but didn't go back to the house. They became fugitives because they were running away from the fuzz (the fuzz means the police) instead of confessing to the fuzz. Johnny and ponyboy were going to change their appearance. But that means taking away the dignity of being a greaser. So that means taking away every thing worked so hard for.

Bob Sheldon, Died at the Age of unknown

Bob Sheldon

Bob Sheldon was the leader of the socs and one of the rich kids in the area. He was killed in the park by someone from The Greasers. The Greasers are a group of people that consider them all family and protect each other but don't attack other people for fun. They protect themselves in self-defense.

My Opinion about "The Outsiders"

Rating 1-5 and I gave it a 5 star rating. The things I liked about the book is how "The Greasers" take care of each other like their family. Also their are somethings that I dislike about "The Outsiders", Like how the socs beat up anyone and get away with it by using their money. Their was some good scenes that went with the theme of the story and that was awesome because how the story was going it looked like it was going in a different direction from the theme. I also recommend this book to other middle schools because I think the kids at the other schools would like the book just how I did.

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