Defunding of Planned Parenthood Some people want to defund planned parenthood, but it helps with not just abortions, and can be very beneficial.


  • Empower: giving (someone) the right/ authority
  • Contraceptive: a device to prevent pregnancy
  • Fetus: an unborn baby that grows inside the mothers womb
  • Genetic Diseases: genetic disease is an abnormal cell that is passed on to later generations
  • Baby Boom: a short , but rapid increase of babies being born.
  • Ulcer: an open sore that can be inside or outside the body. Can cause bleeding and other complications

Do you think cutting planned parenthood will help the economy get out of debt or make things worse?

Planned Parenthood is under fire by the new Presidential elect Donald Trump, but by defunding this center it will affect our economy. According to Andrea Flynn from the Atlantic Newspaper stated,”The Congressional Budget Office said in a new report on Thursday that cutting off the women’s health organization from federal money would actually increase public spending by an estimated $130 million over 10 years.” Without the production of planned parenthood, taxes will increase and citizen will now have to pay more to keep it open. Planned Parenthood helps the economy, but also helps women too. According to Emma Brown from the Washington Post stated, ”The National Women’s Law Center highlights research that shows the initial availability of birth-control pills in the early 1970s accounted for 30 percent of the growth in the proportion of women in skilled careers between 1970 and 1990… Women’s ability to plan and space their pregnancies has been shown to improve educational attainment and increase wages and lifetime earnings. And the children of mothers who had access to birth control have higher family incomes and college completion rates.” It not only helps women for the long run, but having the supply of birth control can also empower women too. All in all, planned parenthood helps fund the United States economy, but does planned parenthood only provide abortions or other services too?

(The picture beneath shows the women fitting to keep Planned Parenthood clinics open and ensure the benefits for women.)

This contraceptive is called "The Pill." It is ingested to ensure that you do not become pregnant, and is 99% effective.

Does planned parenthood only provide abortions or other necessary health needs?

When someone hears the word Planned Parenthood; they immediately jump to abortions, but those clinics do not only do abortion procedures. According to Obamacare Facts, “Planned Parenthood provides essential services to over 5 million Americans. Only three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services. From June 30th, 2013 – June 30th, 2014 they provided 10,590,433 services for over 5,000,000 Americans;327,653 them were abortions. With Obamacare in action women were allowed service for any medical needs, and in 2014 alone over they did more procedures than expected. Those procedures were not just abortions. Secondly, Sara Rosenbaum stated in her article Planned Parenthood, Community Health Centers, And Women's Health: Getting The Facts Right, “For the millions of poor women who depend on Planned Parenthood clinics, this scenario would mean the loss of affordable and accessible contraceptive services and counseling, as well as breast and cervical cancer screenings and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The assertion that community health centers could step into a breach of this magnitude is simply wrong and displays a fundamental misunderstanding of how the health care system works.” Planned Parenthood is beneficial for not just abortions, but other services that can help lower income women and families.

What can defunding planned parenthood do to people without insurance?

With the new President, most women have been scrambling to get all their necessary treatments now and get the benefits of not having insurance at planned parenthood. According to Sandy Florez a Professor at the University of Miami stated,“Census data on uninsured women and children in 2009, approximately 20 percent of 18-to-64-year-old women in the country are uninsured. Combine this statistic with the fact that one in five women in the country use one of Planned Parenthood’s services, and you have a significant chunk of the female population that might will be left without proper resources to receive treatment for preventable diseases.” No insurance can be the cause for untreated diseases and that without planned parenthood there would be increase of unplanned pregnancies. Jaeah Lee from stated,“Nearly half said they were "unable to access the birth control that they wanted to use" in the three months before they became pregnant. Among the reasons: cost, lack of insurance, inability to find a clinic, and inability get a prescription.” It shows that without insurance getting the necessary medical needs can be very difficult or not even a priority, but with planned parenthood could they use fetuses that were aborted for research?

What kind of research undergoes on aborted fetuses?

Abortion process is done with a small vacuum that suctions out the fetus,but after that; then it goes to help aid in research. According to The stated, “Scientists depend on human body parts for research they believe may yield breakthroughs in a number of diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, that affect millions of people. But the public largely is unaware of the way the laundry list of body parts for scientific research is filled. Those who oppose using human flesh for research wonder if knowing the gruesome details would make a difference to those who support the practice.” Supporting the practice helps in the cure for these genetic diseases and without Planned Parenthood there wouldn’t not be as much medical breakthroughs or treatments for theses brain diseases. Also, Kelly Patricia stated in the article Harvesting Fetal Body Parts,“StemCells Inc. is not using embryonic stem cells. A five-day-old human being at the embryonic stage does not have a brain, but a fetus at 10 or 20 weeks of development with visible fingers, toes and ears has a functioning brain,” said the MCCL’s director Scott Fischbach.” With StemCells Inc. doing research on aborted fetuses on non-functioning brains the process can only help aid in specific searches, but can defunding this program cause another baby boom?

Could the U.S. have another baby due to no more funding of abortions/ Planned Parenthood?

The first ever baby boom was In World War 2. It was the rapid growth of babies being born, but can this happen in the twenty-first century without planned parenthood? According to Danielle Paquette from The Washington Post who cited the New England Journal of Medicine stated, “The group’s birth rate shot up. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of these births, covered by Medicaid, climbed 27 percent.” The rate went up, but they were covered with Medicaid. Therefore, without insurance the rate could double in size even and cause a baby boom. Secondly, Amanda Marcotte stated in her article Texas’s Unwanted-Baby Boom that, “Thousands of women who want abortions but can’t get them will be turned into either happy, glowing mothers or saintly birth mothers giving their babies up for adoption as a result of this sudden loss of access… Women go to Mexico to buy ulcer medications that induce miscarriage and are available over the counter, or even at flea markets, and often end up in abortion clinics anyway, trying to fix the half-aborted pregnancy that results because they took the wrong dosage.” Women will go to an extreme to have an abortion and that could eventually kill them if it is not done properly. Therefore, defunding planned parenthood can hurt thousands of women's lives.

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