Our Ecological Footprint Aniturri bhi

Consumer Classroom Competition

We used three different tools to find our Ecological Footprint. We liked the second tool best because we could measure our happiness and health apart from the ecological footprint.


World Wildlife Fund

Lifestyle for thought

We have got just one planet, but we need more than one to sustain our global needs. We took this survey and we found out that we need to make some changes in our lifestyles to create sustainable future.

How are we going to produce 70% more food to feed an estimated 9.7 billion people by 2050? How can sustainable food production and consumption be more kind to the planet that provide the conditions in which we can happen or exist?

The average we got with this tool: we need 3.26 planets!!!

3.26 planets



We answered some questions about our life and our feelings. Our score was divided in three parts: Happiness, Health and our Ecological Footprint. Each of our scores were given out of a total of 5. For health and happiness, 5 is the best score and a score of 1 tells us that we need to make some changes! Our ecological footprint tells us about our impact on the environment, by causing pollution and using resources. So the lower our ecological footprint is, the better and the less damage we cause for the environment.

  • Happiness: 2.7
  • Health: 3.1
  • Ecological Footprint: 2.3




At last! This tool told us that we were in the right path. It said that we were setting right examples for our friends, families or someone who cares about the environment. Nevertheless, we learnt that there are still some changes that we could make to improve our ecological footprint. We could travel less by car, cycle more and enjoy more outdoors. The problem is that most of us live in the countryside and we often need a lift because there is not much public transport.

When we finished the questionnaire and got our results, we were given some interesting links to learn more about our ecological footprint and how to reduce it:

TOOL 3: greencred.me


We answered questions about our home, our everyday consumption and transportation. The questions were about our lifestyle, our impact on the environment, and how we can reduce it. The results we got with this tool were not very optimistic . The average was 2.14 planets.

2.14 planets
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