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The process of the portfolio was intense but much needed. I learned from each exhibit a certain trait that will help me excel throughout college. During my first exhibit I saw that having the right mindset can really change how you do in school. The most important thing I took away from this was the fact that even though in my head I was beating myself up, I could change that. I could use the critical feedback for good and not just to beat myself up. I’ve learned to persevere and not give up. This is a new way of thinking of me so I’m still working on it, but I can definitely see a change in myself this semester. During the second exhibit I continued my education on time management. This is something I knew I struggled with around Christmas time, but I wasn’t sure how to change it. This exhibit broke down each step for me. That was crucial and has caused my skills in this area to rapidly increase. I like that I now know how to plan my weeks, but also keep up with my months as well. This was a skill that I am probably most excited about learning! For the third exhibit I learned how to study. My favorite motto from this was, “study smarter, not harder”. Last semester I studied so hard. I studied to the best of my ability, but I think that now I am doing much better because I am studying a whole different way. I liked this exhibit but I didn’t understand how to showcase it to the best of my ability. The 4th and 5th exhibits showed me that I need to stop being so afraid of my professors. I didn’t understand how much my teachers genuinely cared. I did learn that it is hard to make it to their office, but I think that I’d like to continue working on it throughout the semesters here at Clemson. These professors could potentially help me to get adult jobs in the future and I’d love to make connections with them so I could utilize that. To be frank I would have never gone to see my professors. I tried last semester and I would stand outside their office, unable to go inside for some reason. I felt paralyzed and like I couldn’t do it but since I had specific things to do for the exhibits I was able to. The last exhibit was very awesome. The in class activity was something I had never thought about before. I have always set goals, but never written them down. This really showed me the difference between short and long term goals. My two self designed exhibits were extremely thought out. I think that for my first one I had good intentions, but it just didn’t work out. My second exhibit was something that I needed to do this semester for myself. This portfolio was a lot of work but I really have learned so many things. I’m excited to apply all the these to my next semester!


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