What Are Procrastination´s Affects? Eloise Ahl

Everyone procrastinates from time to time. Although, about 20% of the world's population is chronically affected. This creates a huge stress factor, while reducing their freedom. They take up so much time worrying about the tasks that need to be done instead of actually doing them. This affects their daily life a whole lot. In a lot of ways it does not help at all. But other times it does. An example is someone I know waited until the last minute to submit an application to college of his dream, Pepperdine. He was too late to apply, and had to go to his secondary college, he was not satisfied at all. Especially knowing he could have gotten into Pepperdine without a doubt.

When I say bad effects, I mean terrible. Procrastination can become such a habit that it gets to your head and just will not stop. This can make your grades suffer, let people (especially teens) think it is okay to procrastinate, and could lead to illegal things to fulfill their time.

Teens feel the need to fill their time with something else, if they are not doing school work. Television is a common "hobby".

Along side bad affects, there are some good affects too. There are two types of procrastinators, the ones who never do the work and the ones who do their work but at the absolute last minute. The few that do get it done can be very motivated to finish their work so they do not fail. They just speed through it all, and with all of the adrenaline and energy presented, their work can turn out very well. I know this has happened at times for me.

Although, it does not always turn out like that. This leads us to another con. Sometimes the work can be one of the worst things they have ever completed. And when more and more work is done poorly, it sets you up for failure. Your all around GPA, your individual grade for that class.

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