Japan By meriam alsayed


Japan's climate depends on each season. The wind is crisp in the mornings with occasional rain depending on which seasons out of 4 it currently is. The climate is usually quite cool with a breeze.


Religion in Japan was an important daily ritual. Religion varies by person. However, the most common religion in Japan is Buddhism. Japanese take religion very seriously, as they think it will result in peace and relaxation.


Emperors had a huge effect to the people of Japan. They looked up to them and trusted them to do well with their empire. One emperor was named Shotoku.


Japan's geography was yet another important life style for Japanese. They have many islands and mountain ranges. They have big rivers like the Biwa river. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.


The landforms in Japan vary from rainforests to greenery. Tokyo, the capital is a big landform that attracts many to visit. Another big part of Japan is the cherry blossom trees which symbolize fragility and beauty.


BY Meriam Alsayed


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