IN SHORT la Fabrique Autonome des Acteurs


A place: 1200 m² of working and living space, in a former Bauhaus industry, in the thick of the woods, in Eastern France. A space thought and run by artists/researchers for artists/researchers.
The Workshops: a possibility to learn and share. Masterclasses directed simultaneously by several artists, stemming from different schools and/or disciplines. Common work to leave with clear, efficient and transmissible tools.
The Labs: a research possibility, without the obligation to produce something in the end. But with the obligation to "publish", in any shape or form deemed appropriate, so that other research artists can pick things up where they were left.
The Residencies: FAA is an open residency space, granted that you like and accept the confrontation with other artists.
Creation: FAA is a producing entity where artists commission work from other artists, an immense stage on a 6-hectar site as exciting, varied and contrasting as a life-sized cinema set.


Take a masterclass, give a masterclass, take part in a research session, rehearse, play, or simply come widen the circle of those who think and organize a different way of conceiving our trades.




A space for practice and ongoing training

Masterclass running between 5 and 15 days. 15 participants max.

What's unique?

Always directed by 2 or 3 teaching artists stemming from at least 2 different disciplines / We gather and archive the tools revealed by the Workshop / Free access to the Workshop's Exercise Book.

To sign up for a Workshop / To propose a Workshop:


A space for research and experimentation

Running between 3 and 10 days. Between 3 and 10 participants.

A Lab can be followed by a "Pedagogical Lab": the members of the Lab invite a wider group of artists and researchers to share and test the hypotheses that have been formulated.

What's unique?

The Labs widen the scope of the Scenic Arts by confronting them with all disciplines (other Arts, Liberal Arts, Hard Science, Artisans, Technique... ). They lead to publications, formalize shareable and transmissible protocols...

To take part in / to propose a Lab


The visible tip of the iceberg : festivals, original performances, residencies, follow up


Every year FAA organizes a Festival. Artists of all disciplines are invited to perform on Bataville's numerous indoor and outdoor stages.

MON THÉÂTRE, techniques de pointe expliquées à mes voisins. MON THÉÂTRE, pointe technique explained to my neighbors.

These productions are invitations to create short performances witnessing the process, history and research of individual artists.

Evelyne Istria
D' de Kabal
Daria Lippi
Thomas Nucci
Thusnelda Mercy
Loïc Touzé
Clémentine Deluy


Whichever your aesthetics, the number of performers or the process of the artists, FAA welcomes projects at work whenever there is free space. Be ready to meet and be exposed to other artists in residency. FAA offers its spaces and its competences (video editing, support in marketing kit writing, external eye...)

To propose a residency and learn about the conditions:

To ask your questions, propose, engage :

One-year membership: 15€

FAA is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, DRAC Lorraine, Région Grand Est, the Moselle Department Council, the Community of Municipalities of the Pays des Etangs, the towns of Moussey and Réchicourt-le-Château. And Moselle Arts Vivants, Arsenal Metz, the Sainte-Croix Natural Park, Société NTS, Zaffagni printers.

©Guy Delahaye / ©Bruno Manno / ©Andrea Messana / ©Stéphane Tasse / ©Daria Lippi

Thanks to Nerina Cocchi for this translation


©Guy Delahaye / ©Bruno Manno / ©Andrea Messana / ©Stéphane Tasse / ©Daria Lippi

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