"Until what" Denny demanded. I could hear the irritation in his voice. "How do you know what's going to happen? You're condemning her to something before you even know"(101)

I find myself doing this because fore a big event or even before the start of a new day. And I believe the human race does it out of anxiety and not knowing what awaits us in our future
"I don't want to be like this it's not me she sobbed. It's not me I'm sorry I don't want to be mean. It's not who I am."pg 67
Our emotions are so powerful that it changes us not just mentally but physical selfs. Are emotions are not just a thought but can be show through posture, when we get angry we physically become meaner and our mental state is on fire we try to find a way out but can't because of our feelings at that time.
"Lazy dog" muttered maxwell as he walked past me. Then I felt eves hand on my neck, stroking "thank you" she said "thank you". Pg
Our dogs when asleep are perceived to be "lazy" when there lounging around the house when really there waiting protecting even when ur dog is snuggling with you he or she is ready protect their just waiting on a nameless invader to there personal space.
"Eves dad took her to their house and put her to bed"said Denny. pg. 84

I see this as foreshadowing, that further down the book Maxwell and Trisha will have to burry there only daughter.
"We're in a bit of trouble," he said tensely, "Zoe has frostbitten feet," pg120
Frost bite, it is very serious. Frost bite can be bad, and in very serious cases cause permanent nerve damage or sometimes death. As a father Denny should have made sure she was 100 percent ready.


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