Good Life Performance:The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By:Shannon Kelly

Photo:"University of Florida, Reitz Student Union | Cannon Design." University of Florida, Reitz Student Union | Cannon Design. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2017.

Photo of me outside the Constans Theater, waiting to be let in to watch the play

The Social Experience

I had a great experience going to see the play! It was a really great night! I went with my sorority sister. First we got dinner together and then attended the play. When we were outside the theater waiting to be let in, we were so excited and eager for the play to begin. To get ready for the performance, I read the pamphlet and watched videos about the play. It made me very excited to see the play. I also read on the website, to look nice for the play. Me and my friend both wore a nice sundress. Some people were very dressed up, some males were in suits and some females were in a dress and heals. Meanwhile, other people either were semi nice, like me and my friend or they were super casual, in like sweatpants. It was nice seeing the play with a friend because at intermission and after the show, we were able to discuss the play and discover their thoughts on the play. I think the role of shared experiences helps to enhance the good life because great times with friends create the best memories.

Photo I took while waiting in line to enter the theater

The Spatial Experience

I was very excited when I found out that we would be watching the play at Constans Theater. As I walked up to the theater, I saw the big lights outside of the theater. As i entered the area where you wait to get your gator one swiped, I noticed all the lights and the beatiful art work. The colors of the lights were vibrant, and the art seemed to be floating. Additionally, I arrived early to the show and was able to be seated in one of the first few rows. The auditorium was medium sized, not small but also not as big as the Phillips Center. I prefer performances in medium sized theaters because it allows everyone to feel as if they are close enough to the stage to really experience everything with the play, and you just feel very involved. As the lights dimmed and the show began, I double checked to make sure my phone was off, I would hate to disrupt the performance.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Before the play, I was already very familiar with the Industrial Revolution. I have learned most of what I know about the Industrial Revolution from learning about it in school and my family would speak about it too. With that said, seeing it reenacted on stage gave me a new perspective on the people who lived through it. The central issue surrounding the play was the hardships of the working class in hopes to have a better life. In the play, Talbots family really urges him to become a priest so their lives can become better and hopefully get them out of poverty. However, his ambition to become a priest and all his hard work does not shed away from the harsh reality of the industrial revolution. In addition, Sarah's character makes the audience aware of the realties of the working class. Because of Talbots family and Sarah, I am now aware of the struggles of the lower class. I can to a certain extent relate to having to work hard to get what you want. My parents never just gave me something because I wanted it, I always had to work for it. With that said, I am not living the way they do and definitely do not have a hard life.

Photo I took of the pamphlet given to me at the theater

The Emotional Experience

This play makes the point that "the good life" is different for everyone. Living "a good life" depends on your perspective on things and the way you want to live your life. Mrs. Talbots idea of a good life is getting her family out of the factory, meanwhile Sarah Bernhardt's idea of good life is fame and fortune. I think whats really great about this play is that it forces you to evaluate your life and what living the good life means to you. Personally, my good life is living a healthy, fun life surrounded by family and friends.

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