What does it mean to be "American" to a foreigner By: E f


I am a Frenchman and I am writing a book about Americans in the early 1800's. My thesis is an answer to a question that, I've heard, many Americans ask themselves, " What does it mean to be an American in this day and age?" I, an outsider to their culture, have set out to find out what it means. I believe it's all about three main ideals; money, freedom, and "equality". It also means to have extreme pride in your country and to do whatever you want. They seem unified but, that is not completely true. The working class seems to be ignored, except for them being taxed.


They came to be about "equality". The only people who seem "equal" are the men to each other, but rich American men seem to run the country. Their women aren't even allowed in there politics. They forcefully take land from the Native Americans. They also keep Africans as slaves. It also seems that people from more grandfathered in town, such as New York, seem to dominate the competition in politics.


While I was in America I was able to experience their special art styles. They had different types of art styles that symbolize different types of emotions. Their folk art is made on or with common materials. It proved that even common folk are equal to master artists. Portraits seem to be for rich people by master artists that are also, most likely, rich. George Catlin went to Native American villages and made paintings based on their traditions. They looked free, but that's before their land is taken.


Music in America has different types for different social classes. Classical music seems to be for social events that were mostly aimed at higher class Americans. They also have a type of music called Spiritual music. It is primarily religious songs song by enslaved Africans. There is also Patriotic music. It is about America and it's freedom. Americans also have a music genre named Minstrel songs. It is from American people to honor enslaved Africans' music.

Washington Irving


In America, there are many genres of literature. Washington Irving is an American author of the genre of fantasy. It is about the American dream and everyone's dreams. James Fenimore Copper is another amazing American author in the genre of adventure. He writes about the freedom you need for amazing adventures to happen. Davy Crockett writes in the autobiographical genre. In one of his stories he writes about hunting bears for food and supplies instead of buying them. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a author in the genre of poetry. One of his works is about fighting for America's freedom


In conclusion, I, an outsider to the American culture, have set out to find out what it means. I believe it's all about three main ideals; money, freedom, and "equality". It also means to have extreme pride in your country and to do whatever you want. They take the Natives' land. They make money using slaves and only male Americans are "equal" to each other.

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Created with images by Boston Public Library - ""Our nation's pride" is her beautiful daughters, of whom the most beautiful type is here reproduced in miniature from McEntee's celebrated oil painting. [front]" • Boston Public Library - "Boy in native dress hanging on to the basket of a hot air balloon as it goes up. [front]"

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