Sea turtlesle Valeria

Sea turtles have a shell called scud scud is the first most important thing that protect them

Turtles eat insects and dead marine animals. Plants

There is a lot of turtles but I am taking about a sea turtle

Sea turtles are one of the earth,s most ancient creatures

Life begins...

This is photos of sea turtles


Created with images by ludi - "underwater sea turtle diving" • Spirit-Fire - "sea turtle" • skeeze - "turtle sea hawksbill" • ben.ramirez - "Barbados 2009" • - "Canada Sea Turtles" • dslr99 - "turtle green sea turtles animals" • Sfondrini Nicola - "Tartaruga Verde" • jschauma - "Sea turtle; New York Aquarium" • ivabalk - "turtle sea ​​turtle egypt" • tpsdave - "sea turtle sky" • ludi - "underwater sea turtle diving" • falco - "turtles turtle animal" • shanerkidwell - "turtle ocean blue" • alfonsin11 - "turtle hawaiian tortoise" • alfonsin11 - "turtle hawaiian tortoise" • ivabalk - "turtle sea ​​turtle egypt" • thomaspedrazzoli - "maldives water turtle paradise" • phalinn - "Batu Batu Resort" • Sfondrini Nicola - "Tartaruga Verde"

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