Babe & Me Book Review By Trevor,MMs

Have you ever wanted to meet Babe Ruth? Well Joe can. as he finds the baseball card he fills with excitement. He holds the card in his hand. Boom! He disappears and leaves grey air all around the room. Read to find out where he went.

Babe went up to bat in the world series and he hit a home run. He beat the record for most home runs hit in one game. Babe Ruth steps back into the batter’s box with a 2-0 count during the world series. his hands are sweating. it’s the last time he’ll get to bat this game. The pitch comes in the crowds cheering and everything gets quiet. Boom! The ball flies over the fence. Babe Ruth just broke a record.

In Babe and Me Dan Gutman’s character, Joe, a boy who can time travel, wanted to meet Babe Ruth, but he didn’t have his baseball card because he needed one to meet him. So he bought one at the store for $100. Then he time travels and gets to watch the world series.

Babe learned as a kid no matter who says you can't do something prove them wrong and follow your dreams.Growing up Babe wanted to play in the MLB but his friends said he couldn’t so he would practice every day till one day he got accepted to play for the Red Sox when he was only 28. Mainly this book has a lot of detail and facts. It has some of Babe’s quotes and I think they’re really cool. Babe and Me shows all of the characters emotions and what they are thinking. When they’re up to bat it explains their batting stance and how loose or firm their grip is. When it says his quotes it shows how he thought of the quotes and what his thoughts were when he came up with the quotes.

Sports lovers would like this book because it’s all about baseball and has great detail. Babe Ruth gets up to bat with two strikes the pitch came in and wham! The ball bounces off the bat.

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