IMMUNE SYSTEM a war with pathogens

Antigens v.s. Antibodies

The Pathogens


" Hello, the name is virus or v for short. As you can tell, i'm non-living but that doesn't mean I can't infect your body so you better watch were you place your hands at (unless I lost the war by does pesky antibodies).


" Sup the names bacteria. Unlike the virus, I'm alive so just let me gloat about it at v for a minute( A few minutes of gloating later)

" Well i'm done messing with v so where was I, oh yes unlike viruses, I am living and antibodies can't harm me EXCEPT antibiotics. But, beware, if you take to much of those antibiotics, lets just say, I can't be killed. I will become resistant from those bacteria killers and there's no way you can stop me."

" What is up the names white blood cell WBC for short. I'm the one who protects the from invaders who wants you sick (well not all invaders just viruses -_-). Sadly, we can't protect you from an unstoppable virus called HIV, you wanna know why? They mutate too fast to stop and we will be killed from HIV unfortuantly. There are different types of us like granulocytes, monocytes, and


Created with images by NIAID - "Human B Lymphocyte"

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