Corn Syrup By: ege, Stratos

General Information:

Scientific name: Corn syrup is a type of syrup that is produced from starch of maize. It`s also known as glucose-fructose, isoglucose and glucose fructose syrup.

Chemical formula: Corn syrup contains 55% of fructose and 45% of glucose. Glucose and fructose has the same formula being of C6H12O6 , however they have different structures.

Number of atoms of each compound: Fructose contains 22 hydrogen, 11 oxygen and 12 carbon atoms. Glucose is made out of the same three elements of which 6 are Carbon, 12 hydrogen and 6 oxygen. Both of these elements make up a sweet taste named Corn syrup. Fructose is fruit sugar, and glucose is the sugar.

Physical properties: Corn syrup has yellow color. It is a little denser (1.37 g/ml) than water (1.00 g/ml). Its boiling point is 225 F.

Chemical properties: Corn syrup has high solubility, low viscosity and a high freezing point.


The corn syrup was first marketed in 1970’s. The advantage of corn syrup was that it was a cheap sweetener, and it helped the food economy in many countries. Later on it was also used in soft drinks. Nowadays it is also utilized in cereals, many beverages and foods.

Manufacturing Process:

The raw material corn is first converted into corn starch.Then, the starch is exposed to acid which breaks down the already existing carbohydrates. Other enzymes were added to make the sugar into fructose and glucose.


Corn syrup is mostly used in the food industry. It is commonly used in soft drinks, some beverages, cereals, candies, and baked foods. There are not really other uses of corn syrup since it is a sweetener.

Alternative Products:

Along with corn syrup being very sweet and containing high amounts of sugar, there are a lot of health issues by using this product. Some of these problems are obesity, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, tooth decay, and increased rate of heart diseases and heart attacks. A way to prevent this problem is to avoid using corn syrup or other sweeteners on your daily eating routine to reduce the health issues that may come with this sweetener.











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