Bikinis or Sweat-Shirts Natalie Roosa

Are you one of those model girls, eats ONE grape a day. Has her ribs sticking out and can't eat more than a slice of pizza. Or, are you a girl who has a larger body. Legs that seem huge when you sit, or a muffin top. Don't worry, you're not alone. I wear sweat shirts in the summer, some times. I have those too. Just because you see the other kinds of body types doesn't mean you have to have them. Be happy with your body. I know I have my moments when I feel fat and everyone around me is so skinny. God loves you no matter what you look like. That's the opinion that matters.

This is the kind of girl I was talking about. Are you this person. I'm really not trying to hurt anyone's feeling, I'm just saying. If you are really skinny, try not to make us larger people feel ugly.
This is kind of me. I keep to myself and I have had the same 3 friends since 4th grade. I'm in 8th now. I have a really hard time getting to know people and most people think I'm a bitch because of it. I also have a hard time showing skin, because I was bullied by my sibling for so long. They called me fat every chance they got, so I'm afraid people are going to do the same.

Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading. I really didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings if I did. Bye.


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