Art Strokes By kayla Chu & Eunice young

---------------------------------------------------------About Us--------------------------------------------- Eunice & Kayla goes to South Island School and is doing art and they created a blog to tell other people what they are doing in class.

-----------------------------------INTRODUCTION--------------------------This is a blog for art so that we can tell our readers what we have created to and to document our work so that we can reflect back and see clearly what we did in the past 5-4 weeks.

Art Works from MOMA: Textile Designs

#stairs #complicated #geometry #rectangles #angles

We picked this design because I like the way it looks like stairs and the colour matches nicely, it also looks pretty complicated. It also has shapes (rectangles and squares) and angles. It was manufactured by the Torayca company.

#detailed #colourful #neat #colour #delicate

We chose this picture because it looks a little more complicated than the previous picture due to all the different colours and lines coming from different directions. Although there are different lines from the thinnest ones to the thickest ones, it is still very neat and very detailed. This picture was made by an artist named Claire Wagner Kosterlitz, she has made a lot of designs in the past, this design was made in 1925.

---------------------------------------------------------Organising Our Group Prints ---------------------------------------------------These are all the things our group did to prepare for printing. We tried to see what was the best place to put each plate and which one to be overlapped by another print.

------------------------------------------Print Plates--------------------------These were the print plates that we used to print and these were our detailed designs that craved.

------------------------------------Brush Strokes-----------------------------This is the poster we made including thick and thin brushes and ups and downs. Verticals and horizontals, even though it was done in less than 15 minutes, it was still a very good one. Simple and pretty.

-------------------------------------1st Layer of Print------------------------Today, we did printing with our plates together over the base we did last lesson. We did a diagonal-drop pattern combining three of our prints with light grey paint. Some techniques we used during the printing was to hear for the rice crispy sound to identify the perfect texture for the print.

-----------------------------------Our Final Layer----------------------------Today, in class we finished our final layer of print. We got to choose between the colours black or white. If our other layers were mostly dark we would choose a lighter tone like white .But if our layer was mostly light then we would use white. So ours were light so we choose the colour black.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Independent Work (Kayla)---------------------------------------------This is my independent work and then I compared my work with the team print along with Eunice's print altogether. I thought my work looked like a lot of building overlapping each other or stained glass. The colour for my first layer was baby blue to give it a light effective, the pattern of it was slanted, the second layer was pink and the pattern of it were upright, my third layer, which is also the last layer, was a very light green, this pattern was a diamond shape and in the end it looked like some stained glass window you see in an antique place. In the whole picture, I was using my own pate the whole time.

-----------------------------------------Comparing The Team Print And My Print----------------------

-----------------------------------------------------------------Independent Work (Eunice)---------------------------------------------This is my independent work that I did, I overlapped 4 layers on top including the brush strokes. The first layer was a blackish colour that I made that made the background not that dark and so that it would look not that bank. The second layer a mix of two different colours, which is light blue and light yellow. These two colours actually mix together and blend in quite well and the ink for the layer was quite nice. The third layer that is in the print is the colour turquoise, I chose this colour because it wasn't that dark but it wasn't that dark either and I think that it would blend in very well with the layers before. On the last layer I use a peachy colour and I mixed it with white because I wasn't sure which colour to use. Even though, I mixed the colours I still think that the final layer really stands out from the rest. On the last layer, i also used Katie's plate that was cut into a triangle so it would look different to the rest of my plates.

----------------------------Comparing The Team Print And My Print (Eunice) ----------------------

I think that the team print was lighter because the paper we use was different and the brush mark ink tone was lighter. My Independent Print had more tones of colours and even though both prints had the same layers of print, the group one had a layer that was white and it didn't come out as well so it doesn't look that muddled. But then My independent print had a lot of different tones of colour so it might look a little more muddled

----------------------------------Conclusion-----------------------------------All in all, We have worked really hard and have created lots of prints that are very different and we learnt a lot skills to print so that the ink will be on the paper and will look really intricate.

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