MEXICAN REVOLUTION Vs Cuban Revolution Brochure & the two paragraphs By: Jadon Jones

Mexico Revolution


Porfirio Diaz started as a fair president. But after his time was up he didn't want to leave power. He ran elections where he was the only candidate and manage to stay in office for 30 years. During these harsh years he made Mexico's government centered around the upper-class citizens. This mad the wealthy more rich and the poor more poor. Farmers also had a hard time making money because Diaz did a lot of business with foreign countries.


The lower class Mexicans wanted to be treated the same way and have the same opportunities as the upper-class Mexicans. They also want a voice in the government and a democracy.


Some of the most influential leaders of the Mexican Revolution were Pancho Villa and Francisco Madero. Francisco Madero was mainly the head and the brains behind the Revolution. Pancho Villa was basically the muscle behind the Revolution. He was a highly skilled gunsmen and lead the Revolution's army.


1910- Madero enters the race for president and Diaz sentences him to jailed.

1911- Pancho Villa leads his army to attack federal troops to take Juarez and is successful.

1911-Diaz after losing Juarez resigns and flees to Paris.

1911- Madero become the first fairly elected president for Mexico.


The lower class citizens, mostly farmers supported the Revolution. The upper class was against it because Diaz was making them more wealthy.


The Revolution gave the people a voice and made every citizen equal. It also lead to poverty and some corruption but it gave Mexico the right building blocks to grow into a strong powerful country.

Q: Did the Revolution accomplish it's goal?

A: Yes, their goal was to have a voice in the government and have equality for all citizens and they ultimately got that

Q:Did the Revolution create a lasting change in the Revolution?

A: Yes, because without it Mexico would have become a dictatorship. My research said that with every day Diaz was running Mexico the gap between the rich and the poor was growing bigger and bigger. If the Revolution didn't happen the poor would have faced many problems and probably became slaves or killed. Now Mexico has its problems like all countries but they are all equal and are fighting them as a country.




Batista was first a liked president. Then he went to The U.S. and got the support it the U.S. Government and U.S. mobs. With this power he controlled Cuba with corruption and mismanagement. Also America Controlled almost everything in Cuba which took away from a lot of the small businesses in Cuba. Thai caused lots of poverty.


Cuba had just worked their butt off and fought extremely hard to get away from Spain and now they are controlled by the U.S. and Cubans wanted a sense of nationalism. All the resources and money was going towards the U.S., wealthy, corruption, and casinos/tourists sights.


There were many leaders for the Revolution but they are all unimportant compared to Fidel Castro. Castro grew up in a wealthy house hold and was sent to a top school in Cuba. There he became a Lawyer and moved into politics. When he ran for the Legislature Batista backed by the U.S. Kicked him out to Mexico. He then came back nod was attacked and cornered into the mountains. There he creates an army to take over Cuba.


July 1953: Fidel Castro led a attack on the military barracks at Santiago de Cuba.

July 1955: Fidel Castro is forced to flee to Mexico.

1956: Catro returns but is forced in to the mountains were he strengthens his army.

April 1958: The whole country striked against Batista.

May 1958: Castro's small army beats Batistas large one.

February 1959: Castro kicks Batista out of office and changes the government.


The poor and most of the rich citizens of Cuba. Most of the Cuban original Citizens wanted a Revolution but sense America controlled Cuba they ultimately had the final say.


The Cuban Revolution in many ways proved to be a success. Cuban got their freedom and a sense of nationalism and the government was and is getting better. But they still didn't achieve the power the wanted.

Q: Did the Revolution accomplish its goal?

A: Yes, because whole point of both of their Revolutions was so that they weren't being controlled by another country.

Q: Did the Revolution create a lasting change in the country?

A: Yes because with out it the country would have became another U.S. State or controlled by mafias and mobs. My research said that under Batista Cuba was controlled by the U.S. Government and U.S. mobs. With out an intervention one of these powers would have taken over.

Q: Which Revolution was more successful?

A: The Mexican Revolution was more successful than the Cuban Revolution. First, Cuba is still under the control of the U.S. Just after they gained their independence they were part of the Missile crisis. They sat there and debated with the U.S, and the Soviet Union to see who could give them the most recourses. This really didn't show independence and made them look weak. On the other hand Mexico has arguably the next nationalism I'm the world. They bounded their country as one and are fighting their problems as a strong unit. Because of this Mexico's Revolution was more successful than Cuba's.

Q: Do you Agree or Disagree with the statement that the Revolution has benefited from their Revolution?

A: I would agree with the statement that it has a positive affect on Mexico's modern nation. On that note, I also believe that the Mexican Revolution was not as successful as they wanted. The CIA World Fact Book shows that more than 90% of the country is employed but almost only 70% of the country doesn't use the internet or have a mobile phone. This might be my spoiledness of living in the U.S. where everyone has a cellphone but this seem like Mexico is still treating others better that other people. Although Mexico has its turmoil it is still better than where they where headed before the Revolution. If the Revolution didn't happen Mexico would have probably fallen and taken by other countries. This is why I this that the he Revolution had a positive affect.


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