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Where to begin?

Once you stop learning, you start dying. Albert Einstein

Amazing to think this is my first blog post. I have wanted to get myself started on this reflective practice, taking time to share what I can of my own journey, but also in hopes to help others on their own path(s).

What do you see as the purpose of education?

Inspiration is one of the chief needs of students today...spark their curiosity to wonder, to explore, to become leaders. George Couros

The purpose of education begins with learning how to think critically and creatively, providing a safe environment where we have opportunities to fail forward, allowing for all to explore and develop their passions, to find the fun and love of learning and instill a life-long growth mindset, as well as connect with others and a way of being in the world with compassion and empathy for those near and far in order to make the world a better place.

Why might innovation be crucial in education?

Innovation is crucial in order for all of us to find our own paths, growing connections waiting to happen if we spark the flame, and new ways in which to learn from all that the world has to offer (I find this most often as I joiurney through Twitter on a day to day basis, connecting and building a PLN that wouldn't be possible otherwise). We need to make time for educators to learn and grow in order to be innovative. Look out world!

How are you embracing change to spur innovation in your own context?

I helped to bring the Maker Movement into my school, reinventing and transforming teaching and learning. In addition to this, I am a part of an Innovative Team at my school, providing Personalized Professional Development to teachers PreK-12 in order to integrate technology, computer science, making, and digital media creation throughout our school. We are sharing this model with schools in our area, inviting them for visits, events, Professional Development opportunities, and look to share even further beyond our state borders through outreach efforts online.

Creating dedicated space for students and staff to empathize, ideate, create, and bring to life whatever they can imagine!
“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”

If you started a school from scratch, what would you see as necessary, and what would you take out from what we currently do?

We need to instill a growth mindset in all learners and teachers. We want teachers and students to pursue knowledge, to empathize with others, and to be okay with failure. Students should be agents of their own learning. We need to teach students and staff to use the design processes—engineering, human-centered or other—to tackle problems in a meaningful, organized and inventive way, while also acquiring deep knowledge of how things work through making and developing curiosity, exploration and a passion for learning through experimentation. It is important to be focused on student growth areas, define teaching challenges, and determine strategies and technology tools that would help support these efforts and impact teaching and learning.

As far as what to remove....testing that does not truly assess what a student knows or understands. We need to have authentic ways to assess our students' progress, as well as ways for them to gauge their own learning progress.

We need to integrate our subjects more so, giving students a real-world view of how the world works. We do not write merely to write, we do not read merely to read. We do not study science just for the sake of science learning. We do not learn just skills of technology apart from a purpose...all of these skills are used in the world integrally, not as a stand alone skill. I don't learn to type just so that I can type faster. I learn to type when I need it for writing a paper, in order to play a game, composing code for a program, formulating an email, or to share my thoughts or research with the world through a blog or website. These are how we acquire skills in a way that they will be reapplied for life!

Thoughts on the Introduction to book The Innovator's Mindset

You simply need to understand that the world is changing, and, if you don’t change with it, the world will decide that it doesn’t need you anymore. Dan Brown, An Open Letter to Educators
Telepresence robot - let me greet you!

Be more dog!

I loved the reference and message of this commercial, so just had to include in my post.

Focus on what we can do....take risks, just like I did by starting this blog....putting your own thoughts out there for others to read, to be able to respond to is probably the biggest risk I could ever take. It is so easy for me to have a conversation with someone, but to collect my thoughts and hope to inspire others with what I write....that is a whole new ballgame.

I believe we are out here to help each other succeed. This has been my goal throughout my life, whether in my beginnings as a Recreation Therapist, as a Lifeguard, as a Software Technician, an Educator, or an Educator of educators, I have always sought to accomplish this. I am not only here for myself, I love the way I live and live what I believe.

Educators want to watch just as much as students
The excitement is priceless!
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