Judaism BY Sharrod and Marta

Origins of Judaism

The prophet of Judaism is believed to be Abraham. The religion was founded 2000 years ago. Judaism is known as the oldest surviving monotheistic (the belief in one god) religion. Christianity was an offshoot of Judaism.

This is the picture of the flag for Judaism. The star is known as the Star of David. The star represents King Davids shield and that was the shape of it.

Major Beliefs of Judaism

The name of Judaism holy book is called Torah which is the first five books of the Old Testament. Judaism place of worship is called the Synagogue. The religious leader in Judaism is called an Rabbi. Some Jews believe that gods laws changes over time. They believe in one god and his prophet known as Abraham. Jews also believe that the messiah didn't come yet and that there still waiting on him to come. Abraham was the first to believe in one god. He was given the promise that his descendants would inherit the land of Israel.

This shows a picture of the Kippah which is the hat that Jews usually wear. They usually wear the hat to fulfill the customary requirement that the head must be covered.

Branches of Judaism

  • As Judaism goes widespread it also has introduced three major groups within Judaism : Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews and Reform Jews. Orthodox Jews are the modern day branch of the Jewish religion, they believe in the written and oral Torah which is the Jewish Bible. They go to the synagogue three times a day, wear a kippah on their head and go to Hebrew school. The largest population of Orthodox Jews are located in Israel and are about 1 million and growing. Conservative Jews argue that God's law changes and evolves over time.About 22% of Jews are Conservative in Israel, and the numbers keep growing. They believe in all the 613 commandments are meant to be changed while some of them don't even need to be followed. The Centrality of Modern Israel, Hebrew: The irreplaceable language of Jewish expression, Devotion to the Ideal of Klal Yisrael, The defining role of Torah, The study of Torah, The Governance of Jewish Life by Halakha, and Belief in God. These 7 values are the 7 things that conservative Jews must follow like another Jew. Everything else isn't as important to them as it is to Orthodox and Reform Jews. Reform Jews believe that these laws are merely guidelines that individuals can choose to follow or not. They believe in bending the rules but not breaking them, they believe in innovation but also tradition. Reform Jews are a mix of Orthodox and Conservative Jews, they adapt to knew concepts like equality for women in the Jewish community (was the first movement to allow women rabbis) and accepting gays and lesbians. While sticking with the three most traditional aspects in a Jewish life: the belief in God, the Torah and Israel.

Key Holidays& Celebrations

  • Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement is the day of fasting, prayer, and repentance, it lasts 25 hours and it's date changes every year (2017- Sept. 29). This holiday is seen as the most important holiday for the Jewish community because it's the day to atone for the sins of the past year. No work can be performed and no eating or drinking until it's over, there are some things that are allowed like if women is in childbirth, she doesn't need to fast. Most of the Holiday is spent in a synagogue, praying. Pesach or the Passover. Hanukkah is the eight day wintertime festival of light which is celebrated by lights, fried food, prayer and the re dedication of the Holy Temple. The history of it lys during the second century BCE, it started when the Syrian-Greeks ruled Israel and tried to force Greek culture and beliefs onto the people, a group of Jews drove the Greeks out, to celebrate their accomplishment they went to the Temple's Menorah and found a cruse of olive oil, they lit the temple and the oil stayed lit for eight days and the Hanukkah was born.
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