Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement How you can provoke change in your community and within yourself


As a white person, before signing petitions, donating, or attending protests, the most important first step in provoking change is self-reflection. Truly analyze your past behavior and identify the ways in which you have been ignorant in respect to race and racial inequality. Have you used racial slurs, stood by racial prejudices, or stayed silent when the people you associate with, whether it be your friends, family, or peers, were racially insensitive? It is not enough to just not be racist, you must use your voice and the platform given to you by your white privilege and stand up for what is right. By being a bystander when acts such as these occur, you are preventing change.

Ways to Educate Yourself

There are many ways you can educate yourself on the vast topic of racial inequality and systemic racism. Begin by reaching out to your friends of minority groups and asking them about their experiences. Instead of asking them what you can do it fix it, ask them about their personal encounters with racial injustice. This will allow you to gain perspective and better understand why change must occur. Furthermore, forms of media such as books, podcasts, movies, and television shows, are an easy and accessible form of education on this topic.

How to Stay Safe During Protests

Cops use rubber bullets, tear gas, mace to ward off protesters, here’s how to stay safe when these things occur. First, come prepared to the protest. Wear sunglasses/eye covers, face coverings/mask, and do not wear contact lenses or makeup (the oils in makeup will make the mace linger on your skin longer). When and if you are maced do not rub any part of your face or hands, this will make the pain even worse. After being maced poor chilled milk onto your face, avoiding pouring directly onto eyes, as soon as possible, it will lessen the burning feeling. When you get home, take a cold shower to rinse everything off.

Petitions to Sign and Ways to Donate

Text FLOYD to 55-156, text JUSTICE to 66-8336, text ENOUGH to 55-165, leave a message and demand justice for Breonna Taylor (502-574-2003)

Sign petitions at change.org - Educate Children on Racism Through School (change.org), Justice For Breonna Taylor (change.org), Raise the degree (change.org), George Floyd (change.org), George Floyd (colorofchange.org)

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