My Learning Journal Dave Petrick 2018

Assignment 1 This was a fun project and I added a photo of my wife and I into a concert photo I took this past summer. The band is a Rolling Stones tribute band called the Rolling Stoners. We know the lead singer and have photographed him in the past. I had to do some color correction on our image to get a close match to the concert image.

At the Rolling Stoners concert

For the second image I combined an image of a snowmobile with an image of the rising Blood/Blue Moon. Snowmobile was shot during a snowmobile drag race event I photographed. I increased the size of the moon and adjusted the size of the snowmobile to fit together in the finished image. I wanted the moon out of focus so there would be depth in the image. I darkened the snowmobile so it would not be too bright.

Racing the Rising Moon
Back to the Future

For Lesson two I decided to use some images I have in my history of the area folder. The building images is from the turn of the century. It is near where I live. I added a modern car image. If you look closely there is a horse drawn wagon in the background, so a modern Mustang seemed appropriate. I extracted the car, as shown in the lesson, converted it to black and white, added a bit of Gaussian Blur and burned in a bit of shadow, under the car. It was a fun project.

For the Photoshop Tennis project I added the modern building to the rendition with the ancient building. I used layers, copy and paste and layer masks to blend the images together. This is a fun project. I made the modern building larger to illustrate how our past is often minimized or destroyed in the name of progress.

Free Throw GIF

I shoot a lot of basketball and had the idea to shoot a series of images of a player shooting a free throw, and then creating a GIF from the series of images. One camera shoots 10 frames a second and I have another that shoots up to 120 FPS, plus the GoPro which has a burst mode. The files used for this GIF were shot with a Canon 7d MK II. It took a few tries to get it down, but I finally got one I like.

I also did a Cinemagraph from some video I shot last fall to see if I could get it to work, and after a couple tries I got one that seems to work out OK. I have a couple ideas for some others and will post them to my Learning Journal.

I also wanted to try to create a cinemagraph freezing a basketball player making a shot, while the players around hem kept moving. This was challenging to get the masking right, and is something I plan on exploring further. My first attempt at doing this is shown Jumpshot 2"

Lesson 5

My version

‚ÄčI am not very good at free hand drawing, but took this as a challenge to to learn. I have included both the original and my interpretation, as a GIF. It was fun creating a GIF, with animation for this project. For some reason I liked this original modern piece. I used the lasso selection tool and paint bucket tool. I added some texture to the background. I used the Wacom Tablet and pen to create this. GIF will not load to Spark so it can be viewed in my assignment 5 submission.

Final reflections

Since I also did the video class also, I created a video of my final reflections on this class.

I enjoyed the class and got many good ideas to use in the classroom. I am the Lead Adjunct Instructor, Photography Program at Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, Iowa. I am always looking for new ways to keep the classes I teach current and engaging for the students. I would like to see more classes, especially on using digital photography in Photoshop.

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