Marc Anthony The man , the myth, the legend

Marc Anthony was born Puerto Rico .He is a singer, songwriter, and actor of Puerto Rican descent who has made his mark through his Latin and salsa-inspired music. Marc Anthony has been singing and releasing songs in Spanish and English since early in his career in the early 1990s , But he was raised in the united states.Perhaps because he grew up in the United States, Marc Anthony’s Spanish accent is particularly easy for native English speakers to understand. Anthony’s romantic pop sound is pleasant to the ear and a great place to start for learning Spanish.He didn't go to college but he started his singing career straight out of high school and caught the attrition of many producers.Taking his inspiration from greats such as Puente, Ruben Blades, and Juan Gabriel, Marc Anthony released his first Spanish-language album in 1993. Titled Otra Nota, it included the salsa hit "Hasta que te conoci" (Until I Met You). He wrote it for his secrete lover.
  1. Se Me Sigue Olvidando
  2. Se Me Sigue Olvidando
  3. Te Conozco Bien - (Spanish)
  4. Hasta Ayer - (Spanish)
  5. Nadie Como Ella - (Spanish)
  6. Te Amare - (Spanish)
  7. Llegaste a Mi - (Spanish)
  8. Y Sigues Siendo Tu - (Spanish)
  9. Por Amar Se da Todo - (Spanish)
  10. Vieja Mesa - (Spanish)

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