OWN YOUR FUTURE hard work makes dreams come true!


Boat Captin: Mathew Mendoza


I would be working as a deckhand on a commercial fishing vesicle. Either the Trask or Emancipator.


Off the coast of Alaska. In the vast oceans of the world.


Starting the beginning of the summer shortly after I graduate. Then during the summer for the next couple years.


I have aspirations to be a home owner at a young age. The pay is anywhere between 15 to 30 thousand for about 3 months of work. Their is not really anywhere an 18 year old can make more than that in 3 months.


I actually knew the Boat Captain. I asked how I could get into the commercial fishing industry and in staid of a recommendation I was offered a job, because he believes i am a hard worker and eager to learn because i asked a question.

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