Wildfires {JAke Ashton}

While most wildfires are caused by humans there are also some that are caused naturally. Approximately four out of five forest fires are caused by people.
A big forest fire that happened recently was the fort McMurray forest fire. Although this was most likely caused by humans there are many ways that these tragedies could be caused by nature.
Most naturally caused wildfires happen because of lightning striking a tree in a forest or something close to a forest.
Dry climates make it easy for wildfires to start, western United States was the driest part of the US in 2015 (the most recent year that we ave statistics from)
This graph shows how many acres were burned in the United states from 2006-2015. The highest amount of acres burned was in 2015 while the lowest was in 2010.

wildfires are also referred to as crown fires, "running crown fires" are even more dangerous than regular crown fires because they burn extremely hot, they travel extremely fast and they can change direction quickly. One of the largest forest fires ever was in 1825 and it went through Maine and New Brunswick while burning three million acres of forest.

To put out forest fires, firefighters will sometimes create a fire line, which is a line of fire that they make in the direction they think the fire will go so that hopefully it will stop the fire from travelling. They will also fly planes over top of the fire while dropping water or chemicals from the plane that put out fires.

To evacuate a city or town from a wildfire officials will tell the townspeople when to leave. People usually bring only valuable things and things that are fast to grab. To evacuate people should always have med kits and anything they need for their health (pills, medicine etc.)

Make sure to put out your campfires because most forest fires are either caused by unattended campfires or people throwing cigarettes on the ground without properly putting them out first.


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