Jianna Cousin photographer. journalist. public servant.


My name is Jianna Cousin. I left my hometown of Wichita, Kansas to pursue a career in photojournalism. As a student of Clark Atlanta University, I have found many passions. My interests consist of photography, social justice, and public service. I have been able to use my art and journalism to shine light on various communities.

More than just a letter

“More Than Just A Letter” sought to highlight a diverse set of LGBTQIA+ youth in the Wichita, Kansas area, and give them the platform to speak for their community. I collaborated with Shania Tran and Neiman Thompson, young creatives at Wichita State University, to achieve this project. The link to the project's interview portion is found below.

Testimonies of texture

An open dialogue surrounding natural hair. The project consisted of black Wichita, Kansas youth who wear a variety of natural hairstyles. The youth shared their feelings, thoughts, and love for their hair within the project. Recently, legislation has been passed to prevent black professionals from being discriminated against for their hair in its natural state. The project amplified the work of the “CROWN” Act, and pushed the audience to listen to the testimonies with open ears and hearts.


I seek to show all people of marginalized communities that they are beautiful and worthy of being subjects in art that is not always linked to their oppression. Often focusing on members of the Black community, or people of color in general, the work gives voice and representation to those who are systematically silenced.
All photos taken by Jianna Cousin.


All photos by Jianna Cousin