Michigan Best Haunted houses ! According to me!

There are many great haunted houses in Michigan But these are the top 5 in My book.

Number 5 : Past Tense After Dark

Past Tense After Dark is not the scariest haunted attraction ever ,but scary enough for a family to go out and enjoy a spooky night. It is very family friendly and the actor are so nice and good at there job . And their makeup is very professional.

Number 4 : Slaughter at Sundown

Slaughter at sundown they are family friendly ,but they increase the scare factor by a lot. They also have taken it to the next level and make you wear 3D glasses to make you even more afraid.

Number 3 : Haunted farm of terror

Haunted farm of terror is a pretty scary place , but is only family friendly until 11.pm . The actor know how to do there job . The hayride was the best since the whole thing was themed o music.

Number 2: Clio Manor

Clio Manor is a really intense fear attraction that will give you night mares the make is so awesome. The actor are really friendly even when they are in you face.

Number 1 : Exit 13

Exit 13 is not for children unless you want your child to have nightmares for the rest of there life. Exit 13 makes you feel like your in a horror movie . The actors are allow to touch ,grab ,push,drag ,carry, take your hats and shoes ,and even cover you in frosting. Their make is so realistic that you don't know what is real or fake.

Well there you have my top 5 choices of haunted houses in Michigan.

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