Holden's Playlist O'Connor adams & Jack dawson

What's my age again? by Blink 182


Some lyrics that are relevant to Holder are "and you still act like you're in freshman year...My friends say i should act my age, what's my age again?" Holden is often confused what his age is and acts younger than he actually is.

Holden would listen to this song because he can relate to the lyrics and the composer of the song. Both the composer and Holden are confused of their age, holden "Acts quite young for his age" and "everybody says that [I do] especially my father," (12,13). Holden would enjoy knowing that other people are experiencing the same feeling as himself.

It's Only a Paper Moon by Frank Sinatra


Holden would enjoy this song because the lyrics state and reference many people being phony. The song discusses the world and people who are "Just as phony as can be." Holden would agree with the idea of being in a phony world.

There are many times in the text when holden accuses those of being phony. Since Holden thinks "if you sat around and heard all the phonies applauding" then you "would hate everyone in the world." (ch.19) Holden, just like Frank does no trust those in the world and believes there are plenty of phonies out there, that is why he would enjoy listening to this song.

If I was your boyfriend by Justin Bieber


In this song Justin explains how if he was the girls boyfriend he would "never let her go." Holden can relate to this song because he wishes he could have that experience again of having a girl and this is why he would listen to this song when he is in his feels.

Holden during ch. 11 talks about a girl that he wishes he can have and can "hold hands with her all the time." He was wish that "all she was, was happy." (7) Justin is feeling the same emotions that Holden is experience and would make the song appealing to Holden.

Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood


In the song bad to the bone, George thorogood explains that "You could tell right away [he was] bad to the bone." which is similar to how some people view Holden in the story. Holden is often conflicted with people and is called to action because people assume he is "bad to the bone."

Holden experience many rough experiences with his peers because he is misunderstood. Holden was walking and "Got hot" at one of his friends and he "Tried to sock him." (Ch.6) I guess you could say that holden was violent and bad to the bone, maybe he would enjoy this song to help him relieve his anger and know there are other people like him.

Schools out by Alice Cooper


Alice cooper can share frustration for school and wanting school to be "out forever." Both Holden and Alice share the same frustration for school which is why we chose this song for Holden's playlist, he would enjoy it.

Holden experiences many difficulties in school and does not enjoy it, in fact he would prefer to get kicked out. Once he was talking with his friend about his schooling he had to come the the realization "He'd been kicked out" (ch.4). Holden would love this song because he is actually out of school forever.

Little Boy, Big City by Enormously Small


The song Little Boy, Big City, helps to describe how overwhelmed Holden is in his atmosphere he is raised in. The artist is "Just a little boy from nowhere, in a city both overwhelming and menacing." Holden shares these same emotions with the composer of the song and would enjoy to listen to this.

When Holden travels to new york "The first thing {he did} was went to the phone booth. I felt like giving someone a buzz." (9) This demonstrates that Holden is anxious in this big city and feels vulnerable just as the person who is composing this song

I Don't want it by DCtalk


The artist of the song i Don't want it is describes how they are not comfortable with sex, similarly to Holden and how it is almost foreign to them. The artist feels that "sex is test when i'm pressed" And does not want to have it at the moment. Holden can relate to this.

In the story Holden is confronted by a prostitute. Holden 'Was a virgin, he really is," (14) and he "Has had the opportunity" (13) but he doesn't have the right motive. Both the composure and Holden would not be comfortable with that at the moment and are slight frustrated.

Mad world by Gary Jules


The song Mad world describes how Gary want to "hide his head" And is depressed and is going through a hard time in his life at the moment. Holden is also experiencing these thoughts and since he can relate he would love to sympathize with the composure.

Holden is experiencing a rough time. Holden "Felt like jumping out the window" and "Committing suicide" (15) He cannot bare his circumstances and this song could help him realize other people are going through the same thing.

I love this bar by Toby Keith


Toby Keith expresses his love for the bar and how he desires to go and drink quite frequently. It is "His kind of place" and helps him get to the end of the day as he states. Holden also feels the same way that he needs a drink in order to get through something he is going through.

Holden of would "Sit at the bar... getting drunk as a bastard." (ch20) Holden would resort to the bar just as Toby does and they both have a problem with alcohol and would get along quite well.

I dont wanna do this anymore by XXXTENTACION

XXX has had a rough life and left his family and "Doesnt wanna do this anymore." He has regrets as to how he lived his life, Holden has the same thoughts and they wish they could change the past.

Holden has a moment of realization that he could've changed the outcome of his current path. holded "(Wants) to ge outta here"(26) and wishes that he can change how he lived similarly to XXX, The sad tune of the song may comfort Holden.

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