9 March 2017/11 ADAR 5777

Term 1 Week 6

Shabbat Commences 6.25pm/Shabbat Terminates7.19pm

Year 3 Kabbalat Chumash

The Year 3 students received their first Chumashim at a learning session with their parents on Thursday. They read pesukim and had a discussion with their parents about what it was like for Avraham to leave his home and his birthplace. The students completed a workbook and were presented with their first Chumash by Mr Lawrence and Morah Benn. A delicious morning tea was served for parents and students. Mazeltov Year 3!

Year 2 S.T.E.M Investigations:

During Investigations this week, the Year 2s worked together at the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) station. Using only paper and sticky tape the students were challenged with designing and creating the longest and strongest paper chain.

During our reflection time we looked at some of the variables and we will work to create even longer and stronger paper chains during our next session.

Mock Trials

The 2017 Mock Trials competition is in full swing and this year Carmel has two teams of legal eagles, with both teams putting in very impressive performances last week. Last Thursday night was Round 1, with our teams defending a case of assault occasioning bodily harm against a science teacher aptly named “Mr Chalk”. Our Year 10 team won the night in their very first time competing. This is even more impressive considering they were up against experienced Year 12s. Full credit goes to barristers, Talia Hesselson and Mia Parry, who were well supported by Solicitor Lara Posel, Judge’s Associate, Cleo Sabath and witnesses ,Sam Majzner and Dan Raiter. Our Year 11 team won the case, but were defeated in points at the end of the evening. All students represented Carmel beautifully. Teagan Joffe and Gila Cherny were persistent barristers, backed by Gabriela Salant as solicitor, Avi Margolis as an excellent Judge’s Associate and Judd Behr and Romy Leibowitz as witnesses.

There are three compulsory rounds before selection for the finals. Round 2 will be held very early in Term 2. A big thank you also to Craig Hershowitz who has again agreed to coach both teams this year. His legal expertise and practical experience is extremely valuable helpful for the students.

I look forward to sharing more results in May.

Cherie Russell

Year 7/8 Hebrew use Quizlet

In Year 7/8 Hebrew the students have been using Quizlet Live to practise their milon words. Quizlet is an online learning platform that can be used for a variety of topics. It has been used effectively in the Hebrew classroom for a number of years. Quizlet Live is a new function that takes the form of a collaborative quiz. Each team member must answer correctly for the team to progress and hopefully win the round. Students are thoroughly engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Pictured below are Stephanie Kinsville, Dan Shulhandler and Michael Bricker.

Dafna Lifshitz visits Carmel

On Thursday morning the High School had the privilege of listening to a talk by Dafna Lifshitz, after she spoke at the annual UIA event. Dafna is the CEO of Appleseeds Academy, an Israeli based NGO which has played an integral role in the establishment of Net@, an Israeli youth movement which educates disadvantaged youth in the realm of computer networking. Net@ has given many disadvantaged youths the opportunities to obtain professions and high ranking military positions which without Net@ would have been almost unobtainable. Dafna recounted some individual journeys of Net@ graduates which were particularly inspiring and which showed the extent of Net@’s influence on the youth.

Dafna’s speech showed how an individual acting on their beliefs can achieve so much, in this case was bridging the opportunity gap in Israeli society, and creating a start up nation for all.

Thank you very much to Dafna for speaking to us, and the UIA for organising her visit.

Rachel and Jacob

Dafna Lifshitz speaks to Carmel Students

Year 10 Drama

Did you know the Year 10 Drama students have been doing stage combat workshops in class?

Led by Andy Fraser - an expert in his field on fight direction, we captured the students as they engaged in a technical but enthralling sword play lesson! Goes to show the incredible exposure our Drama students have to world class instructors in the quest to master their craft.

News from The High School English Department

Year 11 Students Attend the Perth Writer’s Festival Schools Day

All the Year 11 students were recently afforded the opportunity to attend the Perth Writer’s Festival Schools Day. This all-day event took place at UWA. Students could choose from several sessions with authors that focused on the art of writing, personal change and growth, slam poetry and the secret life of William Shakespeare, among others. Students attended sessions entitled ‘Super Women,’ ‘Powerful Words,’ ‘Good Muslim Boy,’ ‘Unparalleled World Building,’ ‘Songs that Sound Like Blood’ and ‘Humanising Shakespeare.’ Several books by authors at these sessions are now available for students to check out from the library. The feedback from the day was positive and students enjoyed the opportunity to engage with authors and books beyond the classroom. Please read some student summaries below for specific information about some of the sessions.

Review of ‘Humanising Shakespeare’

‘Humanising Shakespeare’ by Donovan Bixley was a humorous and informative talk about the life and lesser-known facts of William Shakespeare. Donovan, who was born in -- as he put it -- "a hole on the other side of the world," -- otherwise known as the middle of New Zealand -- was eccentric and delivered his talk accompanied by hilarious cartoon illustrations and excessive hand gestures. Despite studying two of Shakespeare's plays to date (Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth), most of us knew much more about his metaphors and similes than we did about the man himself. Donovan's talk, shed some light on the most mysterious member of literary royalty's life.

Jason Fasser

Review of ‘Songs That Sound Like Blood’

Australian author Jarred Thomas discussed his latest novel, Songs That Sound Like Blood. A young adult fiction, the novel explores Roxy’s journey into the music industry and looks at issues such as identity, race, sexual orientation and the pressures of growing up. In the talk, Thomas gave us an insight into his background and how people judged him and his indigenous family. To an extent, this is explored in the story. His daughter Tilly, who is a singer-song writer, was also an influence in the writing of his novel. This talk give me an insight into growing up in Australia with cultures that are different to my own. I was inspired by how different people with different natures can overcome issues in today’s society.

Tyra Lipman

Review of ‘Powerful Words’

‘Powerful Words’ was one of the morning sessions, which was enjoyed by all who attended. The session was taken by three different wordsmiths, Inua Ellams, a poet, Sukhjit Khalsa, a woman famous for appearing on Australia’s Got Talent for her talent of spoken word, and Ziggy, a freestyle artist. Each person had between 10-15 minutes in which they introduced themselves, told us about their lives, and then provided us with examples of their work. Sukhjit went first and talked to us about how her family are Sikhs and how, when they first moved to Australia, they were discriminated against. She then performed a piece of spoken word which focalised how the Australian anthem talks about equality, however, there are many people who don’t follow this. Inua then spoke about his upbringing in Nigeria and how he grew up with having both Christian and Muslim parents. He then read out two of his poems. The first was about how a man doesn’t have to appear as a tough guy just to prove his masculinity, and the second was about a time during the Islamic festival of Eids where he and the males of his family had to slaughter a goat. Ziggy went last and demonstrated his freestyle skills. Everyone in the audience had to hold up an object and he freestyled about what he saw. He then spoke about his Scottish and Aboriginal ancestry, particularly how he was told to be proud of his Scottish ancestry, however, he was discriminated against because of his Aboriginal ancestry. He then read out his own piece which talked about how Aborigines are not recognised in society, even the ones who fought as ANZACs, and how you cannot choose which ANZACs are heroes and which ones aren’t, that they were, and are, all equal. Overall, this session was fun, interesting and worthwhile.

Joel Mierowsky

Perth Writers Festival

Getting to Know Mrs Tanya Bagnara

Note: Each week we will feature a difference English teacher.

What are you most enjoying about Carmel School so far?

The friendly and caring environment. Both staff and students have made me feel welcome.

Why did you choose teaching as a career path?

I love to talk.

Why English?

I love to talk about books.

What is your favourite book?

It constantly changes, but To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and A suitable Boy by Vikram Seth always seem to stay in my top ten.

What book are you reading now?

My Brilliant Friend by Elana Ferrante

What are some of your favourite strategies to use in the classroom?

Class discussions. It always surprises me how students can bounce off each other’s ideas and make new meaning and, view an idea or concept from a completely fresh perspective.

Favourite colour?


Favourite quote?

“If you always do things the same, you will always get the same results.”

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I appeared on the front page of a Hong Kong newspaper.

Mrs Tanya Bagnara


Primary School runs 7 Habits Parents Course

On Sunday 5th March, a group of Carmel School parents joined Debra Karro and Lynda Fisher for a full day course investigating the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This compacted course was run in response to the parents’ request to learn more about this inspiring programme, which underpins the day to day learning and culture of our Carmel students.

Feedback has been incredibly positive and the group is looking forward to finishing the rest of the course next week.

Here are just a few of the amazing responses we have received:

“I found the course very inspirational and walked away feeling empowered!

I'd say the most exciting thing for me is to know that this is what my kids are learning at school on a daily basis, doing the course has taught me the language to communicate effectively with my kids!!

I'm so excited to be part of such an extraordinary school.”

“Carmel should be extremely proud of this program and educational doctrine. If only I had discovered this in my formative years, not only as a 30-something entrepreneur. I personally haven’t stopped talking about the fact that Carmel was willing and able to run / facilitate the program, as well as what I got out of it. A big thank you for the staff who continue to learn and share their learning with not only the students but the wider school community.”


On Monday the Primary School Staff worked in a dynamic session with Hamish Williams from an organisation called NOTOSH. Hamish shared his skills and experience to assist both businesses and educational organisations to design learning to match the needs of their particular context and achieve best practice. Target areas included the technologies curriculum, curriculum challenges with specific reference to problem solving by integrating science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths and the teaching-assessment-learning cycle. For those of you who have watched the Learning Pit video, the staff were challenged to move themselves, and one another, out of the pit. The questions and initiatives that emerged will enhance and inform the Carmel School programme and the learning spaces we create for our students.

Leadership Scholarship Awarded to Deputy Head of Primary

Mrs Debbie Bolton has been successfully selected by the National Excellence for School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) to receive the scholarship funding of $3,000 and gained a place in the Deputy Principals Leadership Colloquium. The Deputy Principals Colloquium is an integrated leadership program that focuses on the critical dimensions of effective school leadership. The program equips Deputy Principals with the insights, skills, and confidence to accelerate their own development as they strengthen the performance of those around them.

Professional Development – High School

On Monday, Carmel teaching staff spent the day engaged in development activities to further grow their skills. Afternoon sessions in the high school were run by staff, for staff and covered several relevant topics. Steve George (Head of Maths) ran a session on Stile, an online platform that enables users to create rich and exciting multimedia lessons and assessments very quickly. Stile also makes it easy for staff to include videos, images, text and to get responses from students that are written or drawn. Stile works really well with our write-on-screen devices to collect students work in a whole variety of forms. Fay Paioff (Science teacher) ran an introduction to cooperative learning strategies which included the ‘where, how and why’ to using them. The workshop implemented many strategies and demonstrated their effectiveness and how enjoyable they are to use. Emma King (Special Needs Teacher) also ran a session on learning support, which covered a range a strategies to differentiate learning for different student needs, as well as how to work with Learning Support in individual classrooms.

Weekly Calendar for Week 7 Term 1

From the Marketing Team

Seeking fun facts! Do you have a fun fact (or two or three!) about Carmel School that you think everyone should know? Send us your thoughts about what makes Carmel a great, unique and interesting place:

Email development@carmel.wa.edu.au with your ideas

Log in to the Carmel School Facebook page to see what is happening!

P&F News

Carmel’s Parents & Friends group held their Annual General Meeting last week. Outgoing President after several years in the position, Laura Golding thanked all those who’d helped along the way and wished the new committee well. Evana Jacobson and Natalie Blank were unanimously and enthusiastically elected to take on the role as Co-Presidents for 2017, while all other committee positions were filled by people who were present.

The meeting became quite exciting as new ideas and initiatives that the P&F are looking at were discussed. One of the aims of the new committee is to do more to benefit and involve the High School students. Headmistress Shula Lazar enthusiastically embraced this idea. There was a palpable good vibe in the room as new concepts were discussed for events, how to promote them and how to increase community involvement. As well as ideas for where funds raised should be spent.

Upcoming P&F events include an indoor trampoline event on the upcoming Monday public holiday (March 6), special refreshments for the high school theatre production The Little Shop of Horrors (April 2-4) and planning has already begun for the annual Carmel School Quiz Night, where the entire Jewish community is invited to join in the fun – it will take place on Sunday, June 4th. You’ll see publicity about this big event soon.

2017 Student Residential Address Collection

This notice is from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the department), to advise you that the department has requested your child’s school provide a statement of addresses, in accordance with section 21 of the Australian Education Regulation 2013 (the Regulation).

A statement of addresses contains the following three pieces of information about students at the school:

• Students’ residential address (not student names or other identifying information)

• Students’ level of education (i.e. whether the student is receiving primary or secondary education)

• Students’ boarding school status (boarders or day students)

Authority for and Purpose of Collection

Consistent with previous practice, and following the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics National Census of Population and Housing (Census), it is timely that information held by the department is updated in order to ensure that Australian Government funding calculations for your child’s school are accurate.

Under section 21 of the Regulation, a statement of addresses must not explicitly identify an individual student. Accordingly, all information in the statement of addresses provided by your child’s school to the department is de-identified.

Use and Disclosure of Information

It is important to ensure the statements of addresses are accurate, and the department may from time to time carry out audits of statements of addresses to verify their accuracy. In the event of an audit, the department’s contracted auditors may seek to compare a school’s statement of addresses with student enrolment information held by the school for the purpose of verifying the information. The department’s contractors will not use the information for any other purpose.

Any further use and disclosure of information relating to the statement of addresses will occur in accordance with section 65 of the Regulation.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, you can contact the department by:

• Email: seshelpdesk@education.gov.au

• Phone (free call): SES helpdesk on 1800 677 027 (Option 4)

For further information about the department, including the department’s privacy policy, please go to

Purim at Carmel

A reminder that we are celebrating Purim tomorrow in the Primary school. Please send in a kosher chocolate and a fruit on Wednesday or Thursday this week for the Mishloach manot bags which the students will make on Friday during school. Students are reminded to come to school with 2 coins next Friday. (these do not have to be gold coins). A change of clothing into bathers and rashie is also required for our water carnival after lunch. Don’t forget the towel! We are looking forward to a brilliant day!

Please click on the link below to hear Rabbi Sacks talk on Being an Inspiring Parent

UWA Events


UWA Campus Tour

Monday, 6 March (Labour Day)

9.00 am – 11.00 am

This event will include a tour of the campus with a current UWA student, followed with morning tea where the Future Students Team will be on hand to answer any questions about studying at UWA.

YR10 and 11 Course Information Evening

Wednesday, 22 March

5.30 pm – 7.00 pm

The YR10 and 11 Course Information Evening will have an informative presentation for parents and students, specifically on UWA courses and admission requirements, advice on subject selection, fee information and the UWA student experience. All UWA faculties will be present so that families will also have the opportunity to speak directly to specific course advisers. Light refreshments are provided.

YR12 Course Information Evening

Wednesday, 22 March

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

The YR12 Course Information Evening will have an informative presentation for parents and students, specifically on UWA courses and admission requirements, Direct Pathways into postgraduate degrees, our new Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree, fee information and the UWA student experience. All UWA faculties will be present so that families will also have the opportunity to speak directly to specific course advisers. Light refreshments are provided.

Bookings are essential, students can register here:

Warm regards

UWA Future Students Team

Upcoming Information Evenings

6 March- UWA Guided Campus Tour


8 March- Notre Dame Parent Information Evening

22 March- UWA Course Information Evenings and Faculty Expo- Yr. 10-12

26 April- Medicine Information Evening Curtin

2 June- UMAT Registrations Close

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