February 27 2015

There was a bit of snow here that day.

We had been outside playing in the snow. But, I went in to make an important phone call.

Daddy was in good spirits, although he wanted to know why I wasn't there yet. I promised I'd be there in about a week - spring break week. He laughed at me for playing in the snow. "You live in TEXAS! LoL" We both said I love you and see you soon.

But God had other plans.

Just a couple hours after our I-love-yous and our see-you-laters,

God called Daddy Home.

Finally, a trip with NO traffic! The perfect trip!

Even though we were only in Africa a few years, Daddy's thoughts were always there. He spent countless hours and drove countless miles taking missionaries to and from airports or pretty much anywhere they needed to go. The elephants he started collecting by accident, but ended up with so, so many!

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Margaret Lin


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