Elias Howe Sewing Machine

The inventor Elias Howe was born on July 9, 1819. Elias was an intelligent man. Through out his life he won awards. One award was a gold medal from the Exposition of 1867. Elias had 8 siblings Amasa Howe, Eliza Howe, Corintha Howe, Juliett Howe, Sylvester Howe, Fannie Howe, Mary Howe, and Horace Howe. He married Elizabeth J. Ames and had 3 children. Elias was named after his father Dr. Elias Howe, Sr., and his mothers name was Polly Howe. Elias was a Mechanical Engineer which is how he got the idea for the sewing machine. Sadly the day that the amazing inventors ideas where up was on October 3, 1867.


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