Hitler youth by blake dowell

What is the background of some say the worst person ever lived on planet? Can you guess who its give you an hint, he killed 6 million people for there race. Well do you know how much he went through? He was born 1889 and his father was very abusive and he lost his brother in 1900 and he was only 11 years old but no I'm not making an excuse for him for what he did but I'm just telling you what he has been through and two years after losing his brother his sister died and after that he was very depressed and he wouldn't talk to no one and in that same year he had to drop out of school so he could help his mother and in December 1907 his mother died and he moved to Vienna and worked as an painter could you image what he went through abusive father, brother died and two years after that his sister and two years after that his mother but again what he did was not right at all and after he moved to Vienna he applied to be in Academy of Fine Arts and he was rejected because he had not enough money and plus he had to stay in homeless shelter because he had no one to live with and in and he joined the Military and in 1919 he made the Nazi party. Sometimes people do bad because what they have been through and what people did to them so don't judge people for all bad but he did an horrible thing and that should never happen again and his child hood was bad that it it affects his adult hood because he was done wrong and abused that he thought that everyone was treated that way so he treated the Jews that way because his dad treated him like an animal so he thought that he could get back at them so he treated the Jews that way because he wasn't taught that you should treat people with respect he was taught to get respect you have to use power so instead of beating them like his father did to him he shot them because he wanted to show them how he was treated and wanted all the power respect that he never got as an child that is Hitlers youth

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