Learning Objective 5 Professor interveiw



Conducting the interview with my English professor was very enlightening. It showed me that even the professors are thought of only as professors they have lives too. I chose interview my English professor because he is the professor I have the closest connection to. When he began to speak about his research and dissertation, I admired his passion for the topic. It was also cool to hear him talk about his hobbies such as, video games and cooking. His ideas on the rhetoric of food were quite interesting. He spoke of how a meal can mean a lot more than just food. I was probably the least surprised by the advice he gave college students. He held true to the common claim of, “go to class!” His views on the meaning of learning and teaching were quite interesting as well. My views of my professor shifted during the interview. I used to see him only as a writing machine but I now see that he really cares about the material he is teaching and really wants his students to grow as writers and as students through his class.

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