Computer Applications Aidan Palmaccio

Why was I interested in this class?

I decided to take Computer Applications because I wanted to learn to use applications that could become extremely useful in the future. They can help with all kinds of presentations or documents in a wide variety of careers.

Most important thing i've learned

The most important thing I've learned so far in this class is how to create a resume. This is an incredibly important skill for finding a job, especially one that can become a career.

Top 3 projects

My three favorite projects from this class were the Food Recipe PowerPoint, learning to use Microsoft Excel, and the Career Choice PowerPoint.

Food Recipe powerpoint

For this project, we created a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint including the recipes for at least 5 different foods. My presentation had the theme of Japanese food. I included a description, recipe, and picture for each food and a video on making one. I liked this because I like food and I liked getting to choose which foods to include.

Microsoft Excel

We learned to use Microsoft Excel to its full ability. We used formulas, tables, charts, learned about filters, organization of data, and even just making info look more professional. I liked this because I liked the formulas and the data organization.

Career Choice PowerPoint

This project was a presentation on a career path that we chose. I chose a career in software development and explained why I did. I listed good colleges to learn for that career and jobs that could be pursued in that field. I also put the average salaries for the jobs. I liked this project because it allowed me to see the possibilities of my dream career.


I would probably not take this class again because I learned essentially are there is to learn on the topics covered in class. I would recommend this class to a peer because it can be very helpful for careers in the future.


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