Their Eyes Were Watchhing God Zora neale hurston Deandre Clemons b2 3-10-17

Theme: it's setting that explains how to find love and passion and how love is not always easy to find but not all dreams may come true but good blessings may come along with you

Janie is a young and beautiful African American woman that is searching for new love that is hard to come but she prays day by day to find true love and to be happy

Quotes: zora neale Hurston page 168 I god janie,"starts said Impatiently,"why don't you go on and see what mrs. boggle want?whut you waitin on?

Zora neale Hurston "Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaf with the things" 8

Zora neale Hurston "ah wants things sweet wid marriage lak"....pg23

Janie: on a normal day Janie was working in the farm and she let the pigs go then comes along Jody a guy that she thought was so dashing cute and wanted to be with him.

Zora neale Hurston " when you pull down yo britches,you look lak de change uh life"...pg75

Zora neale Hurston "take for instance this new house of his it had two stories with pourches, with banisters and such things "..pg44


Jody wanted to be a good leader by being a mayor for the town he wanted to help a town rebuild itself. And becoming a leader for the people so he became mayor of the town and he got to be with the love of his life.

Zora neale Hurston pg 15 "you know honey ,is colored folks is branches without branches"...

Zora neale hurston "thank yuh fuh yo compliments,but mah wife don't know nuthin bout no speech- makin"....pg40-1


This symbol shows how hard it is to work in there town and how people work together to stay together to keep a town and how happy people can be when you work together.

Zora neale Hurston chapter 18 "he wind came back with triple fury, and put out the light for the last time".......

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