World Sanitiy Help the childRen of the world grOw up in a safe and sane environment

The world is a crazy place full of chaos and awful events. I have a dream. I want for the world to be sane and peaceful. People die every day from the chaotic events of the world such as bomings, terrorist attacks, and so much more.

People tend to deal with their problems in conflict which is not the right way. Many conflicts are caused by judgement of others. I believe it isn't fair that people are judged by the way they look or act just because someone else doesn't agree with it. God made everyone just the way he wanted them to be. People who are judged tend to feel insecure about themselves. Bullies make people feel this way. Some insecurities are greater than others and can lead to suicide. Stop bullying.

A lot of people deal with conflicts by doing drugs and drinking alcohol because they think it makes them feel better. Drugs and drinking may feel good at the moment but they are extremely harmful to our bodies and can be harmful to the ones around us. Drinking and driving causes car wrecks and deaths. Doing drugs can cause depression and many other health problems. Over dosing on drugs can lead to death. Alcohol and drugs are bad for you, don't do them and salvage your health.

There are so many more chaotic things in the world that harm us and the children of the world. Think before you do things. " is what i'm doing the right thing for me and the people around me." Stop the chaos. Keep people safe.

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