Otzi's Mysterious Death My opinion on Otzi's death

What happened to Otzi?

Long ago, a human archaeologists now call "Otzi" or "Iceman" was killed, and that way people are trying to figure out how. His body then fell between a mountain range called the Alps, Iceman was later encased in ice. Otzi's body was perfectly placed and in the right circumstances that allowed it to be mummified inside of a glacier, a block of ice. As you know, ice preserves anything inside of it, and that's exactly what happened to Otzi. So Otzi's a very special geological find, as it is the only ancient body found till date that is fully intact or complete. Which was then brought to archaeologists to examine by two fortunate hikers deciding to take a shortcut through the mountains in 1991.

A picture of Otzi who is still fully intact after around 5,000 years!

How I think Otzi died.

I believe Otzi died due to being attacked by someone else. I think this is the case as this seems the most logical to me. I say this because the evidence really pushes this theory through. Here are the facts:

Otzi had stab wounds on one of his wrists, proving he was fighting or resisting someone else with some sort of weapon. Plus, he was living in the Copper Age, proven by his copper axe. This means someone went ham on him, successfully killing him too. Possible flint spear or arrow stuck in his thumb shows he was recently hurt as it had no scar on it. Archaeologists also have knowledge on warriors around that age fighting on mountain peaks, so if that doesn't persuade you, I can almost guarantee definitely none of the others will as they are far less believable.



Google Images: Otzi Image's Rightful owner

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