Visiting the Dead Sea The Lake You Can Float In

Location of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. The sea is around 1411 feet below sea level, making it the lowest surface on earth. This Sea is 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. The Dead sea is a very beautiful place to visit because it only averages about 2 inches of rain a year. It gets to 90-102 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 68-73 degrees in the winter. This sea is fed by the Jordan River which enters the smaller stream.

Jordan river going into the Dead Sea

History of the Dead Sea

About 2 million years ago the land between Rift Valley and the Mediterranean Sea rose and the ocean could no longer flow. The long lagoon that was made became a land-lock. There are 3 lakes named Lake Amora, Lake Lisan, and the Dead Sea. These lakes have risen or fallen due to climate variation, leaving the Dead Sea to yet be there.

The Dead Seas different spots


The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to lie beneath the lake. The sea has attracted visitors for thousands of years. Many animals have lived by the Sea for a while which include: Ibex, Hares, Hyraxes, jackals, foxes, and sometimes visitors even see leapords. The Friends of the Earth organization have sponsored exhibitions of the seas photographs and tours for journalists and government officials. In 1947 Shepherds found 2000 year old jars containing scripture written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aromic, these are now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Replica of the jars that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in


People say that you can float in the Dead Sea because the sea is so dense and salty. A nice resort sits along a wasteland near the dead sea and a trolley can bring you to and from the beach and resort, giving you an amazing view of the beach. If you look underneath the Dead Sea you will not see any sea life because if there were sea life they would all die. Along the edges of the sea you can dip into the quicksand pits. Some theories say that there is Volcanic activity, but is yet to be discovered.

The quicksand edges will sink you and because the lake is so dense you can float.

Recent News and Future News

Researchers have found that the Dead Sea has chemicals such as; Sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium bromine, and others. In 2018-2021 The country of Jordan is starting the Water Conveyance Project to provide water to neighboring countries. In the 1970's the USAID constructed a canal to provide irrigation for Jordan's water source. In 1980 after a rainy winter the dark blue color of the sea turned red and then turned back to blue a while later. In 2011 scientists from Be'er Sheva discovered fissures in the floor of the sea. These fissures allowed fresh water to enter the sea.

1980 Dead Sea turned Red after a rainy winter

Is The Dead Sea Really Dead?


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