Oldfaithfull is an iconic Yellowstone geyser. It can spew water up to 180 feet in the air every 60-110 minutes. Be carful though the water is 204┬░Fahrenheit at the vent.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs is a butifull place in the summer. The water comes out of this mineral spring at 134┬░ Fahrenheit. Also there are buffalo that rome around near here.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower is an amazing geological formation, that was created millions of years ago by lava and then the ground covering it up eroded away. Idian legend says that a god created this to save to boy from a giant bear and that those marks on the side are the claw marks.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains rise over 14,00 feet above sea level and great to climb. In the Rocky Mountains you can find black bears, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and a few other creatures.

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