first Hispanic fest CONNECTS LOCALS TO CULTURE Wrighting by Gabi Nadeau & Pictures by Ben Pease and Addy Wachter

On Saturday, Sept. 28, Grand Haven held a community event for Hispanic Heritage Month in Central Park, It offered locals a chance to learn more about Hispanic culture.

Arturo's Tacos, attended the festival to serve the public their popular authentic Mexican food

Food: A variety of vendors were there during the day serving authentic food, street tacos, fruit cups and more introducing new flavors to Grand Haven.

The festival was eye-opening allowing attendees to see every generation enjoying the same thing. Activities for the kids included face painting, dancing and games, while adults could enjoy shopping, dancing, eating and drinking. T

Dancing & Music: live music was performed during the day as people danced to the beat, Later in the evening there was a bigger crowd as a DJ played more popular hits.

Overall the experience brought culture to the small town, educated locals on Hispanic culture, and was a first for Grand Haven that many hope turn into a tradition.