Henrietta Lacks Sarah Autrand

Henrietta Lacks was a mother of 4 children. She spent a while at the hospital due to a new pregnancy, making 5 kids. She had the baby without any issues. She soon discovered a lump in her womb, and decided to get medical attention. This was very shortly after having Joseph (Zakariyya), so when she learned the lump was cancer she and the doctors both knew that it was developing quickly. The doctors at Johns Hopkins

After Henrietta died her cells lived on. They continued to split and multiply. The family had no knowledge of Henrietta's cancerous cells were taken by the doctors at John Hopkins hospital. The doctors later used Henrietta's cells to produce vaccines and cures for illnesses.

In Henrietta's lifetime she had several reason to be afraid. The fear of not knowing about a knot inside of her, then later discovering it was cancer that was rapidly growing is plenty to be terrified. The fact that she stayed strong and tried to make it not as big of a deal that it was shows that no matter what the circumstances may be there is no reason to be fearful. There is no need to be afraid of what the future holds. Everything happens for a reason. I chose this quote because it demonstrates the need to stay head high and determined that no matter what happens the earth will still spin and life will go on.

1951 - Henrietta Lacks died of a aggressive growth of cancerous cells. She left behind a large family and a strong legacy.

1952 - Henrietta's cells, HeLa cells, are shipped around the world by mail. Scientist around the globe are receiving them.

1952 - The Tuskegee Institute opened the first ever "HeLa factory." This factory supplied cells to labs and researchers. They were a non profit organization. Soon a company sold her cells to try and gain a profit.

1952 - After receiving the cells via mail doctors came with a solution to cure polio.

1953 - HeLa cells were the first ever cells to be cloned.

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