Whitkirk News! 12th March 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Dear Parents and Carers, a huge welcome back at the end of a very successful full re-opening of school; I do hope you have not missed home schooling too much! We were so happy to open up to all of our Whitkirk family once again and to see all of you in the playground before and after school. A few 'thank yous' to start with - thank you for wearing face coverings and keeping your 2m distance, thank you for following the one way systems, thank you for getting children in on time and ready to learn in school uniform and thank you for your supportive words. We are working to ensure that the journey to and from school is safe for our families; therefore, members of the leadership team will be on Templegate Walk challenging parking before and after school. Many of our Year 6 pupils are ready to begin walking alone some or all of the way to school which is a fantastic way to prepare them for high school in the summer term. Unfortunately, many parents feel as though this is unsafe to do so because of traffic on the streets leading up to and surrounding school.

It has been the strangest time but we feel as if the end is in sight as we move to the end of this spring term. Next term is our summer term - the one we missed last year so we will be making up for it as much as we are able whilst keeping everyone safe. Next week, we say goodbye to Mrs Campbell who many of you will know as a member of our Administration team. She has played a huge role in setting up systems for our school including ParentPay and our Arbor communication system and she has often been our 'go-to' technical issues. We really appreciate all of her efforts for Whitkirk and we are sure you'll join us in wishing her well for her future.

What a first week it has been- the first week back as a whole school since Christmas.....children wanting their lunch by 10am, others forgetting where to enter and exit and we even had some teachers struggling to get out of bed on a morning - we are definitely ready for the weekend!! Anyway, we have all adjusted as the week has gone on and here we are with so much to share with you and to celebrate. Enjoy!


It has come to our attention once again this week that the parking outside school is unsafe for our pupils. We appreciate that driving children to school is seen as the most convenient choice for parents with busy lives. Many parents take the view that by driving their children to school they are keeping them safe. Yet the combination of each individual decision means an increase in vehicle traffic and congestion particularly at the school gate. We ask that all our families park safely and respectfully. Templegate Walk, the street leading up to school, is for permit holders; therefore, members of our school community, unless they are a resident should not be parking on this street. We also ask that people refrain from driving to the top of the street for children/ families to jump out of the car. This makes it very difficult and dangerous by the school gates when many children and families are walking into the school grounds. We realise that there are some parents/carers who have no alternative but to drive their children to school, however, many are driving short distances where walking is a real option. Even those who must drive to school can do their bit by parking away from the school entrance and walking for part of the journey. We have contacted West Yorkshire Police for their continued support with ensuring that we can keep our children and families safe at Whitkirk Primary School.

Ready, Steady, Read!

Thank you to everybody who has taken part in our Ready, Steady, Read competition. Monday (15.3.21) is the final day to submit your sponsorship money and return your forms to school. We will be celebrating the success of this competition during next week's Celebration Assembly (19.3.21). Huge 'thank you!' to everybody who has taken part to support us in purchasing extra books for our school library!

Comic Relief

On Friday 19th March it is Comic Relief! To help raise money for this fabulous charity, we are asking that children wear an item of red clothing to school on Friday for a small donation. Children are welcome to paint their noses red but we do ask for no actual plastic red noses please due to covid restrictions.

Neurodiversity Week

At Whitkirk, we are proud to celebrate all kinds of different minds. Many neurodivergent children work very hard to overcome the challenges and obstacles caused by their learning differences. However, their effort and dedication can often be overlooked. We will be celebrating neurodiversity in school w/c 22nd March 2021.

Read, read and read some more! Mrs Iqbal shares her favourite story:

I still remember first reading this book in primary school-it always gives me the goosebumps! When I found out this book was set in Whitby (the Yorkshire seaside town) I had to read it! Remember Whitby is known to be the home of Dracula, which isn't too far from Leeds! Fliss and her friends are caught in the middle of a little horror tale happening right under the noses of the adults, during a school trip! This gripping page-turner is written by the master of spooky suspense, award-winning Robert Swindells. In summary, Room 13 would be a perfect introduction to horror. You’ll not wake up having nightmares, but you’ll probably want to turn the light on and check the wardrobe door is shut before you turn out the lights, so hopefully the bedbugs don’t eat your toes. Don’t read this under the covers at midnight!

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


What a wonderful week it has been to see our Reception classroom full again! The children have come back to school with big smiles, enthusiasm and lots of excitement! They really have impressed us all! We have also welcomed Mrs Potter and Mr Robson into our Reception family, they have been delighted to join our team and are spending time getting to know each of our pupils. It may have been the first week back but that's not stopped us..... and this week spring has sprung! We have been making shape pictures of spring animals and labelling them, celebrating Mother's Day with cards and continuing to care for our seeds and plants outside. We can't wait to see the flowers bloom! We have also loved retelling our story The Enormous Turnip, taking on the roles of the characters and using our phonics to write captions and sentences about them.


We have had an excellent first week back in 1KD! It hasn't taken us long to settle back into the classroom and school life. We have had a fun, action-packed week that has included shape hunts, printing, material sorting and making Mother's Day cards! I am so proud of all the children and the level of maturity they have shown this week - keep it up 1KD, you are amazing!

Wow! What a first week back! With a mixture of nerves and excitement, the year 1/2 children have absolutely smashed returning to school, radiating positivity and enthusiasm every single day! We have loved reuniting as a team and have enjoyed getting back into the swing of normality and our school routines. On Monday, we reflected on our time away from school/in our bubbles, and celebrated all the things we were proud of, had achieved and what we were most looking forward to! We designed a rainbow to put all these lovely thoughts into. As part of British Science Week, we looked back at our topic ‘Materials’ and completed lots of different activities based on the learning. Our knowledge in this area is outstanding and the work done in school or remotely over the past 10 weeks is clearly evident! We are so proud of our children and how much they have achieved. Well done Year 1/2!

Year 2 pupils are so pleased to be back at school...the fun hasn’t stopped! We have really enjoyed British Science Week and recapped learning on every day materials with sorting activities, testing materials, manipulating materials and having lots of fun with the “Guess the property of the material quiz!” They have settled in so well and are trying really hard in all subjects. We have loved being able to do PE and play games all together. Our favourite at the moment is “Treasure Hunt!” We have also been working on managing our emotions and writing morning affirmations to help us feel positive and set goals. A super first week back. Well done Year 2! You have made Mrs Williams and Mrs Abid smile all week long!


Year 3 classes have a had a wonderful and super busy first week back! We recapped our last science topic about light and investigated how shadows are formed as part of science week and enjoyed some sewing in preparation for designing and creating our own cushions. In English, we have written our own explanation texts on ‘How to survive in the desert’. Miss Baker and Miss Tomlinson have been super impressed with how the children have settled back in and the enthusiasm they have shown in their learning.

Year 4 have had an incredible start back in school and we are incredibly proud of how they have approached every challenge! We are all really enjoying our class text, Stitch Head, and have created some terrifying monsters, which made Miss Odor and Miss Richardson feel petrified! We even managed to capture some of them in the flesh before they performed on stage with our backstage passes! In PSHCE, we've spoken lots about how lockdown made us feel and we've been brave enough to share any worries that we have about coming back into school. We've also thought about lots of different activities that we can do to relieve stress and manage our emotions. In our Theme lessons, we've been recapping our learning which told us "Is water a friend or foe?", where the children have really impressed us with how much knowledge they have retained. Keep it up Year 4, you are incredible!


As always, we are super proud of Year 5! We came back on Monday morning and it’s like we’ve never been away! We have loved being with one another in class and at social times. No more screens or virtual hands up - yay! We’ve been working extremely hard on our decimal numbers this week in maths and have enjoyed learning about Charles Dickens in preparation for our biography writing next week. Look out though, Year 5 might be after one of you to write a biography on! Next week, we are experiencing life as a Victorian child as we step back into the Victorian times and enter a Victorian classroom. I wonder who will be the strictest teacher...

One word to sum up this week in Year 6: incredible! Although it was slightly daunting on Monday morning to get back to the classroom, we soon as cast our worries aside and got right back into our learning as if we had never left! Everyone was overjoyed to finally be around all their friends again and have loved being able to collaborate both in social times and learning times. The adults in Year 6 have been so proud of the Year 6s and how they have returned to school fully this week. Everyone has worked incredibly hard on their presentation, their learning and following the school values. We are all incredibly proud of the Year 6s. We can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes us!

Star of the Week!

Take care everybody and have a super weekend!

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