William Shakespeare By: Drew Lockwood / Period 1

Thesis: Shakespeare had influenced both Europe and the world throughout his early career in London, his midlife and late life. The Globe Theatre of London influence the modern arts of playwright and the modern theatre that includes its architecture, the costumes that are used and the audience participation.

Shakespeare’s Early and Late Life:

Quote 1: "Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, a market town of about fifteen hundred inhabitants, in Warwickshire, England. According to christening records at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, he was baptized on April 26, 1564. His date of birth is assumed to have been April 23. Historians know little about Shakespeare's early life" (Shakespeare, William).

Commentary: This quote is important because it talks about when and where William Shakespeare was born. His birth date is different has differentiate between when he was actually born (April 23) and when he was baptized (April 26).

Quote 2: "During his last eight years, Shakespeare was the sole author of only three plays—Cymbeline,The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale. He collaborated with John Fletcher, another English dramatist, in writing three more plays. In the past, some scholars argued that The Tempest, written about 1610, was Shakespeare’s last play. Such a theory was encouraged by the presence in the play of passages that sound like a farewell to the stage" (Lander).

Commentary: This quote is important because these plays were his last of his legacy. His final play in 1610 is a mark on his many plays as his greatest among lie the others.

Shakespeare’s Early Career in London,Early work on playwright and Poetry:

Quote 3: "According to a chronology accepted by many historians, Shakespeare's first plays were his history cycle, Henry VI, Part One, Henry VI, Part Two, Henry VI, Part Three, and Richard III, which date from 1589 to 1593. These works conformed to the traditional genre of chronicle, or history, plays that were quite popular in Elizabethan times" (Shakespeare, William).

Commentary: This quote is important because these first plays that were written are examples on how successful Shakespeare had on playwright. It's also important because his plays he wrote is also why the Globe Theater became a popular site to see in London today.

Quote 4: “Shakespeare's first published works were two narrative poems, Venus and Adonis (1593) and The Rape of Lucrece (1594). In 1599 a volume of poetry entitled The Passionate Pilgrim was published and attributed entirely to Shakespeare. However, only five of the poems are definitely considered his, two appearing in other versions in the Sonnets and three in Love's Labour's Lost" (“William”).

Commentary: This quote is important because his poems that he first wrote would be one of many that be written later in his life. That would include his large collection of Sonnets and his poetry that his followers like William Wordsworth Edgar Allen Poe would follow.

Quote 5: "Some of Shakespeare's early plays may have been performed at the Theatre, though it is not known what acting company or companies he may have joined before 1594. That year his name appeared on a list of the Lord Chamberlain's Men, a company that performed chiefly at the Theatre in Shoreditch." (“William”).

Commentary: This quote is important because his work for Lord Chamberlain's Men would help give his courage to write plays for the Theatre. His plays were also used at the Theatre during his time with that company.

Shakespeare’s Legacy and Impact on the World:

Quote 6: “Shakespeare’s plays have attracted large audiences in big, sophisticated cities and in small, rural towns. His works have been performed on the frontiers of Australia and New Zealand. They were part of the cultural life of the American Colonies and provided entertainment in the mining camps of the Old West” (Lander).

Commentary: This quote is important because his plays help entertain people around globe. The plays made also came to European colonies especially in the British colonies such as Australia and New Zealand, in Colonial America and later on the United States.

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